Dope tracks here from a new name from a new country, South Sudan!

Good sunshiney vybz and some of the Reggaeton tracks would make great Moombahton tracks and so producers get on to her!

Check out more of her tracks on her soundcloud and below.

Here’s her new vid:

It’s interesting to note that in the above song, Ciara is singing about how she is perceived by her some of her own Southern Sudanese people because of the colour of her skin. She says that some of her own people tend to think she is from one of the neighbouring territories like Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia and not from South Sudan. “Wewe” is a word from “Kishwahili” and it is used by Southern Sudanese to indicate a lady not from South Sudan but from one of the said neighbouring territories. In the song she is trying to convince her own people that she is from South Sudan and is not “Wewe” 🙂

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