Awesome compilation here from the premier Kuduro label in Europe, all put together lovingly by Buruka Som Sistema frontman, J-Wow!!

Stream the whole compilation and also grab the free Bok Bok track!


Taking advantage of Buraka Som Sistema’s introduction of kuduro as part of the global musical landscape, J-WOW quickly understood it was meant to last. As the percussive madness imported from Luanda began informing beatmakers and producers all over the globe, people started re-imagining it and giving it new forms and purposes. They cross-bred it with house, techno, dubstep and the list goes on: it became a very strong influence for producers who like to see sweaty bodies on the dance floor.

It was inevitable. J-WOW started recruiting some of his favorite producers from around the globe and challenged them to reinterpret the kuduro phenomenon in their own unique ways. Artists like Bok Bok, Douster, Seiji, Zombies For Money or Canblaster – among many others – heeded his call and came forth with the most eclectic, weird, crazy and awesome blend of pumped-up percussive bangers that shot the kuduro genre to Outer Space and back. The result was the mini-compilation series we lovingly called Hard Ass Sessions.

Three years and six volumes later we bring you this full-fledged compilation, featuring J-WOW’s personal favorites of the series, hand-picked to give you the best possible experience inside the Hard Ass universe. This seasoned DJ and founding member of Buraka Som Sistema selected tunes from Nic Sarno, Melé, Pocz & Pacheko, Poirier and many other members of the Hard Ass family, casting a new light on some of our favorite tunes from the Enchufada catalogue. As an added bonus we’ve reached out to the really cool Hungarian production duo Slap In The Bass and decided to welcome them to the family by including the previously unreleased tune “Tapa”.

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