We started off the New Wave late last year and handed over the baton to Moombah-Thong who did a great job with Volume 2. We then decided that the baton should be handed over to Walmer Convenience who have done a sterling job of reppin’ Moombahton since the early days.

New Wave is about kicking down the barriers (hence the artwork on Vol 1 of kicking down the door).  It’s about new producers saying if you don’t let us into your club, we will gain access by breaking down those barriers.  The sentiment is to try to ensure each new volume features new producers not on previous editions.  Volume 3 encapsulates this is a nutshell, it’s simply brilliant!

Walmer Convenience have done us proud with New Wave 3.  It is strict proof that Moombahton is improving and reaching higher standards.

It’s a compilation, which has tracks that will work well in the club but also it’s a great listening experience and that’s all you can really ask for from a compilation.  Volume 3 works on both those levels as well as showcasing the growing strength of Moombahton as a genre.

I don’t think I have personally enjoyed listening to a Moombahton compilation as much as this one, outside of the ones we have previously put out ourselves


So many stand out tracks on this baby and so grab it and play it LOUD!

Stream it here:

What Walmer say:

Here it is. Volume III of the New Wave of Moombahton Series. Really happy how this turned out especially when Generation Bass and Moomba-Thong had set the bar so high. Some of these names you should already know, some of these names will be known to you soon. Wanted to really show the different directions you could take the genre in and this group of track exemplifies that. Wanna thank everyone who submitted and took this seriously, the hard work fucking shows. Wanna thank Evan Langley (Dj Vous) for doing the mastering. People have nothing but good things to say about it and wanna thank Bad Idea for the cover.



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