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Diamante Records its a collective of djs and producers from Santiago de Chile, a label to show the brightest Bass Music from around the world.

The city of Santiago has become in recent years in the epicenter of different latinamerican cultures, creating a multicolour palette of sounds, rhythms and music, who directly reflects in the sound of the label, mixing Funky Steps, Tech House, Dubstep and Future Bass all together.

Diamante Records is 100% Ghetto. We are the underground sounds of Southamerica, revolutionizing the dancefloors from Chile to the whole world!Be prepared!


We are proud to present Back to 90′s the second release of Diamante Records, this time by Lost Generation aka Francisco Arevalo, formerly known as DJ Bristol on the national scene.

Lost Generation has a long musical career, with roots in Drum’n Bass, gender in which he has became known in Santiago since the 90′s.

Back to the 90′s is the sample of the sound that has permeated Lost Generation, many machines like the Roland TR-909 or the classic 808 groove makes the LG merge with beats from the Ghetto, a mix of Hip-House 90′s restructured by the current UK Funky and Kuduro. The EP contains 6 tracks, 3 original mixes and remixes by 3 emerging talents from the European underground scene such as Lobot’s Head, CDBL & Nah Like.

Lobot’s Head (France) crushed the track ‘To Night’ to make it a tune 100% Club, this is an aggressive remix for classic UK Funky lovers.

CDBL (France), the sound of Techno has rebounded in recent years and the French duo did with his remix of the track ‘Slow Time’ a progressive acid hit, creating a pleasant trip from start to finish. Sounds of Acid House and Techno make this effective remix for nostalgic romantics.

Nah Like (Belgium), the surprising rise to the Belgian producer has had in these last years. His music has been included in the sets of various DJs around the world. Nah Like chose the track ‘Back to 90′s’ to transform it in a mysterious and apocalyptic tune, with streets sounds from the Ghetto. Inside the remix there is a breakdown leaving behind old structures in order to evolve into a track influenced by Jersey Club, with offbeat vocal samples and agitated drum patterns for the dance floor.

The cover art of Back to the 90′s EP was realized by Pablo Díaz aka Benzo. Visit to check his works.

Artist: Lost Generation
Title: Back to 90′s EP (DMNT#002)
Label: Diamante Records
Release date: May 2012
Format: EP

01- Back to 90′s (Original Mix)
02- To Night (Original Mix)
03- Slow Time (Original Mix)
04- Back to 90′s (Nah Like Remix)
05- To Night (Lobot’s Head Remix)
06- Slow time (CDBL Remix)

Produced by Diamante Records
Music by Lost Generation
Mixed by Lost Generation
Master by Emmerson Hernandez
Post-production by Daniel Klauser
Cover art by Pablo Díaz aka Benzo

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