OK I know it’s not usual Generation Bass fare but I’m still massively on a disco/house mission so this week’s mixxxtapes are all along that theme… Alfresco Disco’s Tom Hodgson opens with some chunky freeparty disco house / Repeater brings some cosmic Italo action / Seka comes with some more techy house vibes

(on a totally non-disco related tip, catch me spinning cumbia in Bath tonight)

Tom Hodgson

This dude played a frankly heroic set at my wedding, on the decks for about 8 hours or something ridiculous. And it was near impossible to get him off them πŸ˜€ Lush, chunky freeparty house from one of the dudes behind Alfresco Disco.

Tracklist is on the way, I’ll post it when I get it.


via New Worck, repeater brings us 90 minutes of spaced out cosmic Italo disco, interspersed at expertly chosen moments with big uplifting cheesy vocal tunes. Absolutely love the Washing Machine tune.


The Love Supreme – Tiefferre (Tirk)
Mushrooms Project – Phalcon Crest (Bear Funk)
Alien Alien – Sambaca (Slow Motion)
Crimea X – 10pm (Hell Yeah)
The Heels Of Love – Slow (Nang)
Marcello Giordani – Chubby Rain (Slow Motion)
Clap Rules – Pericoloso (Bear Funk)
Golden Bug & Rodion Feat Lavinia Claws – Washing Machine (Bang Gang)
Luminodisco – Questo Amore Splendido (Danny Was A Drag King)
Enzo Ponzio – Electroboogie (Pizzico Nobel)
Johnny Paguro – Igadadadoo (Pizzico Nobel)
Jadoo Feat. Hard Ton – Voodoo Love (Danny Was A Drag King)
Nassau – Errol Flynn (Club Edit) (TBM)
Bottin – Galli (Give It Up) (Eskimo)
Nic 2 Birilli – Boogie Ornella (Pizzico Nobel)
Ajello Feat Hart Ton – Chocolate Black Leather (Danny Was A Drag King)
Tobor Experiment Disco Experience – Guitar Voodoo (Bear Funk)
Brioski – Radio Anatomy (Nang)
Marco Antonio Spaventi – Partire Ritornare (Pizzico Nobel)
Out Of City – Phobos (Lipservice)
Rotary Disco 76 – Cotillon (Disco Volante)
Billy Bogus – Disco Lambro ’76 (Mad On The Moon)
Repeater – Corrodromo (Duplikat)


Deep techy haus vibes right here. Some of these tunes go on a bit for me but there’s gems in here too, like David Keno’s – Stars Above which is ultra classy.

1. Boards Of Canada – Ataronchronon
2. Iron Curtis – Goma
3. Homework – I’m Into This (Michael Gracioppo Remix)
4. Jaffa Surfa – Pimpin’
5. James Braun – OD
6. Seka – Beluga
7. Wally Lopez & Ismael Rivas – Save Love (Danny Serrano & Hector Couto Remix)
8. Andre Butano, Miguel Lobo – Brunch
9. Tapesh, Albert Marzinotto – Will You
10. Dave Kurtis – Sundari (Loko Remix)
11. Tim Green – Lemon
12. David Keno – Stars Above
13. &ME – Glaced
14. Subb-an – This Place
15. Campion – You Want It (Demo)

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