Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – riTmo de POrro y Mas

A little gem surfaced from the deep waters of the web and revealed itself to me. It is a little four track EP called riTmo de POrro from Buenos Aires native Damo Naimad. It features true Afro-Colombian cumbia rhythms with delay effects, chilled haunting horns and beautiful Colombian vocalist Totó la Read more [...]


Our boy Estrada comes back with some more innovation in the form of Native Trap!!! Blistering!!!Grab it here:MEDIAFIREHere's the vid:Reminder about his recent release on our label:[Artwork:Núñez Ferrara from #401]This amazing EP is out now!!!!Stream the mini-mix, read the PR, Read more [...]

[exclusive] THIS IS MOOMBAHTON vol.5!

Some time ago we dropped a Moombahton mixtape by a local guy from Holland. The amount of feedback and downloads was totally staggering, showing that the genre has taken an immense flight! The previous volume just reached it's 35.000th (!!!) download, so WESSEL-S, the guy who mad it, decided to drop Read more [...]

Animal Chuki – Animals Within

When I see anything uploaded with the origin being from Peru I have learned to immediately check it out. My experiences in the past have created this habit because the sounds coming from Peru are among the most interesting and innovative today. If you wish to challenge my opinion I beg of you to do Read more [...]


If Nu Trap or Future Trap or whatever u wanna call it, goes anywhere near in this direction, then OMFG, I think I could get deeep into this shiiit!This is my kinda vibe, sounds more like Lazer Trap!(forthcoming infinite machine) 123mrk - noname ep remixed Infinite Machine 123MrkHere's a Soviet Read more [...]

Disc Jockey Nappy – This Is Thugstep

We over at Rock The Dub have spent over half a decade curating the 'Thugstep' sound. Back in the days when acapellas for just about any song were easy to find, I was going to town. There were still CD singles and vocals on vinyl, and I knocked out well over 100 solid refixes in less than 6 months.Then Read more [...]

Bass Nomadic

Some Interesting Brazilian-inspired Baile Funk/Trap/Bass Fusion:  UMB posted this comp not too long ago, yet I had to add this track...amazing tune. Timeless Grooves via the Bastard Jazz label (Tall Black Guy Presents Tempo Dreams Vol 1).Stream/Buy the album here: Sick Read more [...]


We released this EP back in 2010 and recently signed it to Fieldhouse Music, a division of BMG, for licensing synchs in the USA.Today it is the track of the Day ♫ from their Summer 2012 Sampler and here's what they say:"Before Dawn" by Unsub ft Irina Mikhailova"Like" Fieldhouse Music for Read more [...]