Vacationing has become a foreign concept to me. I often find myself saying I enjoy going on vacations but really I don’t honestly think that I do. For one thing I rarely go on one because I don’t have the time or ability. And when I do go on one it’s not really one at all. Instead it’s for work on a project or work in disguise. For example I head out to Las Vegas two or three times a year under the guise of a vacation. I say this because one requirement of mine is to have wifi access with my room because I bring a laptop. Why do I bring a laptop? To work. Yes to work in between moments of my “vacation”. So in reality all I do is move my body from one city to another and work around moments of leisure just as I do at my home office. Though one difference is I work a little less because in order to prepare for my “vacation” I set up my work for the week making it more easily executable. So basically the week before I work almost double the amount in order to make my work while on “vacation” less strenuous. I looked up the definition of “vacation” on Wikipedia and none of what is describes correlates with my vacation experiences. Therefore making the concept of simply stopping all actions of my daily life and going out travelling for pure fun something that I just know very little about.

It may appear that I am complaining but no quite the contrary. I don’t want to vacate my work. I like my work. I like to have work to do. I never cease to set up new future projects making it impossible for me to just stop. I can for a moment. But a week?! Good lord no! I have too many things scheduled and those too many things bring me joy. There’s joy in the stress and hard work of executing projects. This takes me back to my point I often bring up when discussing my love for New York City. It is a hustling and bustling fast moving city. Even the people walk faster than normal. Sure I like to relax and take it easy. Even New York is too fast for me. But I find peace in it still. I like to observe the hustle and bustle, I enjoy taking in the energy of the people around me, I’m the slowest person in New York, but I too find peace in movement. I love to work. When in Vegas I am normally working not only on my usual things but a convention or training session brought me to the city in the first place. I find time for fun in between the work, don’t get me wrong. I have an affinity for BlackJack, pool hopping, lovemaking, and the stage shows at night. But between I’m hard and happily at work.

The funny thing is to take a week off entirely with no access to my work would stress me out beyond belief. What kind of vacation would that be?

The sun is shining hard in the north and especially flippin hot in my city. I mean ridiculously hot! This makes for more time at pools when I’m not hiding in my dark home like a scorpion. For all the dj’s poolside Los Reyes De Milanga released their new cumbia remixes for and exclusive on Cassette Blog. These tunes are perfect for the summer.

Caballito’s Bigote Sucio put his special touch on Sonido Desconocido’s Cumbia de la Cuesta del Nero. With it is the dope original video.

It’s been a while since I last had anything from Dash Selektor on here; it’s good to hear some nu cumbia from him. Here he is experimenting with cool original cumbia rhythms.

Mapache DJ is a new face here dropping an awesome mashup mix. It’s short and sweet.

[email protected] continues with his hard-hitting nu cumbia style on this new one. It is a new teaser of things to come.

To slow things down I have Sonidos Profundos’ sly dubbed out style remix of Ace of Base.

The darkness that is the Hijo de la Tanga sound is unique in all aspects. I love the minimalism and calmness. There’s a sort of spirituality behind it for me.

Matthew Mansfield and I worked hard on a new collaborative effort. I played the guitar and keys and produced the original while Matt took over on bass, bandurria, and professional mastering. Also the last awesome touches were provided by Santiago Junca on congas. This was a fun experiment to show off our skills but also to promote the services Matt provides from his studio Piper Street Sound. He offers mastering, production and original bass lines. Feel free to hit him up if you would like some of the best original production work on your tracks.

Sometimes it can be difficult to mash several genres into one track and keep it sounding cool dynamically. Dragao Style made such a production mixing together flawlessly.

There’s something about this next one I really dig. Chica Andino produced this stripped down simple nu cumbia and it turned out really cool.

Keeping on with things Andean I have some exciting new productions from Peruvian DJ Andean illicit. Rocking the Lima underground you’re sure to hear more from him in the coming years. I’ll be sure to post his work.

Here are a couple dope old school chicha remix teasers.

I wrote up a review for Will Eede’s new mix Khuyay on my other blog. You can check it out here because I went deep into the vibe and it’s hard to re-write from that point of expression. It is another wonderfully spiritual mix with lots of hard work put into it.

To continue with the new and very different mixes released this week I will dedicate this part of the post to them.

Up first is Piska Power. This mix features older and newer tracks. Starting with the very recent remix of Maga Bo’s new track by Chancha Via Circuito. In my opinion he made it much much better and more my taste. Also in the middle I’m happy to hear Pa Kongal’s refix of a track I sent him over a year ago. It’s a track from my friend’s old 70’s band Grupo Religion. The song is Corazon de mi Corazon.

Den5hion went to a deep personal place with his new mix. Every tune on it is a production by Den5hion. I think I understand it well too. I can relate to the concept and wish to write more about it in the near future. This will be my first post with it.

From Madrid KayGee put together an eclectic mix of old and new cumbia and dub. It turned out to be a good respectful showcase of the styles.

Last week El Lobby Sound recorded his live set at La Fiesta Mundial de Cumbia. He features some of the usual all star suspects in this long but well mixed set.

Something nice and deep comes from the Pa Changas collective this week too. Disco Movil Rumbatron put out this super chill cumbia dub mixtape.

Leaving the mixes behind I now take you to some cool free downloads from Makina. There are four remixes available for download. Touching on the world of the hipsters and bringing them to our cumbia side of things. These are fun.

Ending on an old school note check out this new remix from Wancho Villa of Arroz Con Coco.

Even though that’s a good one to end it on I’m not really going to. Because this June marks Fiestas Pirata’s 2nd anniversary. These are good friends of mine in the nu cumbia scene. Remember back one year ago I posted a special Sexxy Saturday Cumbia all for them. I don’t normally promote parties on here due to it being an international blog and it would be like another one of the thousand invites you get on Facebook for events that are across the world, but this one time I will do it just for these guys.

Here was another massive blog for you. It looks like I won’t be slowing down in the near future much to my gratitude. No real “vacatation” coming up for me. Why would I want to do something silly like that?!


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