So truly upset that this time last year I was giving my Blip Festival New York round up and review. I didn’t make it this year and after seeing all the photos and videos trickle through it looks like a missed a really really good one. A bunch of new stuff from a couple of old favourites this month keeping me inspired to keep doing these posts!!


Henry Homesweet

Constantly redefining what chipmusic is by making some of the most incredible music around Henry Homesweet has released the first in his new series of live improv hardware jams this time featuring an 808 alongside his GameBoy Advances. You can check out all the previous iterations as youtube playlists: Lo-Bit Bassment and the Out-House Sessions. And you can download the whole above jam from Soundcloud.



In 2009 at the Blip Festival afterparty I believe two Chipmusic superstars Covox and Random joined forces for a one off performance as Condom. Afterwards legend goes that the project files were deleted and the tracks were never heard again until now! I think the myth and supergroup nature of this project is really part of what makes it standout and for those that were there this release is sure to bring back great memories. You can download / stream the whole live set recording from Bandcamp.



A new track from Barcelona mad man Rigo Pex aka Meneo. It has been some time since we have heard chip stuff from this fellow and this track and video is everything his old material had.. intense mad tropical party destruction. A whole EP (the first since Santanalga in 2008) is to be released on Subterfuge soon. You can here a full stream of the EP (including Chip-Punk Anthem “Tiger Woods is Gay” T.W.I.G) here and read a little about each track here.



This came out just after last months post but well worth mentioning, some massive Game Boy Chipbass, covering electro, unadulterated bro-step and generally some of the most amazing wave channel bass programming you will ever here to have come out of a Nintendo handheld. Collecting some of the tracks previously posted in these posts (Wank Harder & Fuck Yeah). Its a Pay what you like download so definitely support this Japanese artist and get on the donate and download!



Spanish based Chip Label Low Toy, who have had some very high quality releases have put out this grimy release by Neuroflip all music coming from a Commodore Amiga, AHX Tracker. This means it is noisy distorted and brutal… Get pon the free download here.



A standout act at Blipfest 2011 he has gone from strength to strength this recording of a full set made for infamously awesome Utrech, Holland, Chipmusic party Eindbaas and it is just straight up massive. Electro and Dance stuff all the way through including some amusing covers (“Everyday I’m Chip Dancing”) well worth the download as an essential Chip Party Mixtape.



The confusingly named ??? from Canada has teamed up with some great artists for a new release and it is incredible. A double sided mix tape one side Dub and one side HipHop influenced chip can be streamed from the site while interacting with Flash visuals from UI. Each tape is half hour and can be downloaded separately but I highly recommend playing around and looking at the visuals while listening on the site it adds to it greatly. You can also grab a GoTo80 remix track that appears on the Hop tape from here. DO IT NOW PLAY HERE.



Some very dirty wub wub chipstep that has some great moments. Released on the highly recommended MP3 Death label for me the standout track is Green Slime and some of the others get a little too samey with their wobbles. But all in all good fun and FREE!



Even though I wasn’t there the chip community has amazing people who document everything so here are a couple of standout moments for me that I experienced later or heard on the stream

KODEK (don’t know the track name but amazing Univeral Ice Funk)


Monodeer (new unreleased footwork/juke style track)


George and Jonathan (Dubstep Daycare)


😐 Krew (no idea but naked mayhem)


Dr. Von Pnok (French Electro Madness)

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