Some sounds I’ve been compiling for GB for some months…as usual, some new – some new to ‘me’ & some, if not all, timeless. Time has not been on my side but I managed to steal some this morning for this post.

I decided not to label the genres this time, instead I present them in tempo…tempo does not discriminate. My aim with this is not to join the race of newest track blogged the quickest…I simply aim to raise awareness of great music/artists to a grander populace.

The DJ is the beast-master of tempo – domesticating rhythms without compromising their primal essence.  Enjoy.  ~  Okulus  Anomali

Mid-Tempo Range:

Epstein Feat. Seven Star – Perfidia
Local Miami MC ‘Seven Star’ collab w/Epstein.


EPROM – Regis Chillbin (Machinedrum remix) – Sick Track…that drop at :48 is maniacal…I can’t wait for this release.


Daud Music – Everything  – Hypnotic Radiohead vibes


Cabo Blanco – Voces


Lapo Numa Crew – Italian Bass Music at it’s finest
The Gen-Bassmate FLECK turned me onto some Jungle-Future Bass from these guys…and what a great find it was. More amazing tracks/genres & Free Downloads here:

Strictly Marijuana


HighGradeMuzik is a Croatian Bass Monster
More dope tunes and Free downloads:

Slip an’Slide


Sway (Blunt Instrument Bootleg) a fun remix of a classic:


Adham Shaikh some great Balkan Vibes: Full Album Here

Carpet Breaker (Sound Nomaden Gypsy Swing Remix)


70-80 BPM / 130 – 140 BPM Range:

Congi – Raw Deal – Stellar and Uber-Sophisticated:

Congi – Awaken – More from the Deep…


Machinedrum – What u Wanted 2 Feel


Grenier aka DJG – Tectonic Single – Forthcoming release from one of my favorite Bass/Post Dubstep Producers…


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