EL – Something ELse



EL is one of the first to embrace pidgin in his raps, and today, along with acclaimed artists such as Wanlov the Kubolor, M3nsa or Lil Shaker, he is at the helm of Ghana’s pidgin rap movement. EL has also produced for major artists such as V.I.P., Sarkodie, Trigmatic, Asem, Tinny and many more. In 2011 alone, EL was involved with a string of hits, first and foremost U Go Kill Me with Sarkodie, and mor recently Obuu Mo and Kaalu. Something ELse is his much anticipated debut: this is crazy chaleeeeee!


Serial hit makers who have been unavoidable in Ghana for the past few years. Waist & Power, Yesi Yesii, Womanizer… and before then Miss Doctor, which was also released on Akwaaba.

WAGA 3000

Waga 3000’s Burkinabé hip hop, cold heat from Ouaga.

Have you checked out the Lungu Lungu column that Akwaaba head honcho writes for Fader magazine? Every other Wednesday he shares one of his musical discoveries, you can download a hi rez mp3 and read the back story. Or if you just want the music here’s a playlist of all songs ready to be grabbed!

That’s the musical update for now from Akwaaba!


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