Nickodemus has been globetrotting with universal dance sounds since the late 90’s.

He began his career back in 1996 in NYC as a resident DJ of the legendary Giant Step & Organic Groove nights. DJ’ing spontaneously with live musicians became his specialty.  Two years later, he started Turntables on the Hudson with partners Mariano & Nappy G on percussion.  Turntables was the first outdoor dance party in NYC & and quickly gained fame for it’s eclectic open- minded music & and feel-good crowd.  Guest musicians have turned up every week and rocked it live with the DJ’s. Over the years, the list of guests who’ve jumped on stage to perform is enormous!  The party still rocks every first Friday @ CIELO in NYC and select Brooklyn locations as well as with friends & family from around the World (Turntables on the Thames, the Danube, the Nile, the Sydney Harbor etc…)

As a producer, Nickodemus creates music from all parts of the World, rooted in Club Music from his upbringings in NYC.  He has 3 albums entitles “Endangered Species” (2005), “Sun People” (2009) & “Moon People” (2012). His highlights include the songs “Cleopatra in New York” & “Mariposa” featuring Carol C (Si Se), “Mi Swing es Tropical” by Nickodemus & Quantic feat. Tempo, “Sun Children” feat. The Real Live Show as well as remixes for Nina Simone, Billy Holiday, Mr Scruff feat. Alice Russell, Thievery Corporation, Astor Piazzolla, The Balkan Beat Box, Quantic & many more.

His 3rd album “Moon People” comes out June 19th 2012. It features collaborations with Afrika Bambaataa, The Real Live Show, Navegante, Belleruche & many more of the cast from his previous albums. He’s also working on “A Global Minute” which features MC’s from 10 cities combined with video & paintings by Justin Carty.


Grab the free mix here

“What makes you journey into the night & take flight on a pursuit of musical bliss? Chasing beats through ghetto streets… on a quest for peace energy & light?” January 2011 *Nickodemus LIVE DJ set @ theLIFT 1 Year Anniversary in LA* Hosted by resident DJ’s (&MC) Jeremy Sole & Wiseacre. Amon on percussion. Karizma up next… From the well decorated hidden warehouse space, to the MONSTER wall of sound by VOID, to the DJ’s dropping their favorites, to ALL the party people in attenDANCE!!!! What a night!! (full playlist to the best of my ability coming soon) *Please download & share this set… “It’s Yours!” BIG UP TO E-MAN, JOHN CUTLER & T-La Rock!Opening words by Jeremy Sole. Accapella of “It’s Yours” by E-man. Amon on percussion.

“Reality & Fantasy” (Gilles Peterson Remix) by Rafael Gualazzi / “Jennaty” (Earthrise Soundsystem Remix) by The Spy from Cairo feat Ghalia Benali / “Good Life” by Brassroots mixed with version by Kaori / “Ah Viene Broki” by Simbad Vs Broki / Pedro Beltran Re-edit by Quantic / “Cova Cova” by Novalima / “Pickled Spider” by Mr Scruff vs Kirsten Almeida / Feeling the B(e)e Gees Bootl(e)g at this point / Arabic “Money” bootleg / “Quiet Dog” by Mos Def / “N’Dini” (Tal M Klein Remix) by Nickodemus feat Ismael Kouyate / “Zwakalini” (SUMO Remix) by Meitz / Jose Marquez bootleg / “All Night Long” / “Change” (Carl Craig Remix) by Recloose / Dixon Edit / “Searchin” (Jimster Mix) by Joey Negro feat Akabu / “The Love Feeling” (Christian Prommer Remix) by Nickodemus feat Brian J / “Klezmer” / Fela vs James Brown Bootleg / “Been so Long” (Tim Love Lee Rerub) by Banda Unaio / “Heaven & Hell” (Regal Edit) 20th Century Steel Band

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