The legendary & infamous Moombahton Massive, the key event in all of Moombahton, has decided to brave the icy seas and make it’s way over to the shores of Europe to share some of the magic that it has been illuminating so brightly in the U S of A.

It’s no secret that Dave Nada, the creator of Moombahton and one-half of the Nadastrom team, has already said that Barcelona is his second most favourite place on earth! So one can only imagine what a treat he has in store for this historic city when he lays down the Moombahton gauntlet on Sunday 17th June.

Joining the creator is the man who partially influenced the creation, veteran DJ Sabo, whose productions are 100% quality guaranteed to set all dance-floors ablaze and as a DJ he is well versed in ensuring everybody has an unforgettable night…

Completing this European Massive line-up is Transnational Bass’ great hope, Munchi, a veteran European with Dominican roots, who has breathed new life into Moombahton with the first original creations in the genre. In addition to this, he has created several highly influential off-shoots, which are dominating the EDM scene right as we speak.

This kinda line-up is not likely to happen often and so miss this at your own peril!


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