I was doing a lot of living in my head this past week. Dwelling in memories and feeling reclusive but not in a depressive way, just an introverted quiet peaceful way. One thing I do to enjoy my alone time is watch old movies from decades past. And I watch probably an unhealthy amount of tennis. It’s good/bad thing the French Open is happening. Fear not though, even though I was quietly living in my mind I still look out for the dopest cumbia tracks being uploaded to the webernet.

To start things off let’s get down with a crazy eclectic mixtape from Oscar La Saveur. It goes all over the place but fortunately cumbia is the backbone of it all.


Add On de Bass takes his dnb cumbia style mashing too another place with his new cumbiaton/dnb/mashup track.


Dealing with a harsh winter in Chile, Waxuma keeps the cumbia fires burning to keep warm. His new cumbia dub track gives me the image of a cumbia amidst cold winter.


On the other end of the Earth Café de Calaveras is giving out the summer vibes with a new cumbia reggae remix.


El Remelon came out with a nice original track featuring Lido Pimienta. Representing the sound of ZZK one of the big leaders of nu cumbia globally and based in Buenos Aires. Tracks like these keep me faithful to the idea that cumbia will never die but instead continue to evolve.


There’s just enough cumbia in Al Pacheco’s new jam for me to post it here. I’m grateful for this. Moombahton heads should get on this soon if they haven’t already. It’s dope and minimal but fiery.


Cherman is keeping very busy in Barcelona with his collaborations with Qechuaboi, his netlabel Cabeza and all the parties. This is a mix he performed live in Barcelona last week. Featuring lots of great tracks from Black Mandingo, Tu Guaina, Los Reyes De La Milanga and much more.

When it comes to original sound no one stand out more to me then Rafael Aragon. His style is recognizable in a very good way. From beginning he immediately draws the listener in with his synths and bass unique to his touch. Here is a new edit of cumbia, dub, Eastern and Balkan flavor.

He made this for the Tropikal Masala party he performs at in Paris.


Tu Guaina is another pioneer of the future sounds of nu cumbia. His style is becoming very recognizable too. He uses wobbles in an non-annoying way, by which I mean he uses wobbles as an instrument and not just for the sake of wobbling.


On the other side of the spectrum we need guys like Albert DJ to bring about new remixes of old classics. This way we can always remember the roots and enjoy them in a new light. This is actually quite important.


Perfectly to fit with the last tune from Albert DJ is the equally important hip hop remixes by DJ Neber. He takes dope classics and makes them into awesome cumbia hip hop remixes while all the while showing respect to the classics.


Chukilion Soundsystem was inspired to lay over Notorious BIG vocals on top of [email protected]’s track Blaze Riddim Cumbia Instrumental I posted in the past here. What he came up with is an awesome mashup.


A hard-hitting cumbia dance track comes from Yelram Selectah. It’s a teaser for his new LP coming this August called Amor De Mentiras. I’ll be sure to review and promote it when it’s ready to be released.


Bringing his own touch to El Mayonesa’s ‘Eesti Kuninganna’ by laying it over E-40’s ‘Weed Man’ rhythm, Kinky Electric Noise turned it out to be pretty rad. It seems KEN was mixing cumbias over this rhythm in is sets live for some time and decided to finally put one out for us to jam to.


Andres Digital put his remixing skills into Cumbia Rockers All Stars ‘Agoza’. It came out pretty dope in my opinion. Check for yourself.


Changoramico just messed this up in the dopest of ways.


‘Deep Cumbia Electronica’ is Andean Illicit’s project he’s been working on. I can’t wait to hear the complete album when it’s done because these are some cool futuristic cumbia sounds. It reminds me of Kraftwerk in ways.


Thanks for sharing your time with my post this week. I hope you get as much or even more out of these tracks than as/than I do.


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