This album puts the sounds and feelings of 2011 into a transparent jar. We felt so blessed that our first son’s middle name is Shukur, meaning Grateful in Arabic.

The first two weeks of our sons’ lives were spent on The Dusun. The crickets, the birds, the rain were their orchestra.

Gustav was born with a hole in his heart. Drinking and even breathing was a struggle for him. But we are sure he felt loved and at times, happy and calm. His third week was spent in hospital. After a cuddle, just before being wheeled into surgery, his heart started slowing down. Gustav calmly faded away. He waited to say goodbye, and was done with his body.

His identical twin, Hannes, on the other hand, revels in life. His grandmother is right in saying he is living for two. He smiles easily and laughs with a chuckle, climbs everything and explores the world with wonder and joy.

Thank you for sharing this part of our journey with us. Everyone has one, Gustav’s was just shorter than most. No matter the length, we can all be grateful for the love that fills our jars, and the hands we hold as we walk.

This music was made with love for you to enjoy and share. You are most welcome to download it for free. But if you would like to make a contribution, all proceeds from digital downloads will go the Malaysian Heart Institute Foundation to repair the heart of an infant who will make it.

If you decide to make a contribution later, you can send it to the [email protected] PayPal account.

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