Really cool Latin Moombahton/Tijuana Bass release here that you need to check out!

Last track is a freebie!

The Burqueño EP is an unrelentingly dance-floor ready package with a dark approach, that “Broke Bad” upon inception: SEVEN NEW ORIGINAL Moombahton & 140 BPM “Tijuana Bass” tracks that are unapologetically addictive and laced with a fucking reckless attitude. A collection of pure substance engineered using his own unique musical intuition and his tenured-plus experience in studio production. Don Valdez has masterminded a brand new approach to Latin sound, that is both peligrosa and powerful, branded with searing Southwest bravado. The result is a digital crate consisting of only “babe tunes” – selective, sexy, and insatiable sounds that induce dance floor-wide deviance and inevitable gyration.

1. Don Valdez – “Oye Ma”
2. Don Valdez – “Affle Waffle”
3. Don Valdez – “BC Dubs”
4. Don Valdez – “Chanklas”
5. Don Valdez – “Despedida”
6. Don Valdez – “Garaje Sucio”
7. Don Valdez – “Langosta Dub”

About Don Valdez:

Genre: Moombahton / Tijuana Bass
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Current Location: Albuquerque, NM

Biography: The king of Tijuana Bass, Don Valdez, rolls heavy with prolific amounts of self produced, Latin flavored, hip shaking, baby making music. Having recently acquired a taste for midtempo, and the growing Moombahton genre, Señor Valdez continues to build his catalog of multi-tempo gyration inspiring beats influenced by Cumbia, Salsa, Big Band and every form of music with Sabor. The Don’s live sets are overflowing with new tracks and ideas; as there is always a debut track (or six) to let loose on anybody who came to dance. Those with technical requirements, fear not: Valdez is a dj’s dj. Expect fast mixing, intelligent blends, skillful cuts and fades, and an ability to move a room with only the sexiest sequence of track selections. He is based out of the Southwest US and is available for bookings in North & South America.


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