Puga, our dude from Portugal has had an EP lined up for our label for a lil’ while now and we promise it’s coming very soon. But for now we can bring you 3 sublime slices of MoombahHop in the way that it ought to be done. This is awesome shit – ESSENTIAL and you NEED it baaaaad!!!

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I made this track kinda by accident…

I was searching for the original track and accidently found the acapella. After that, well… i went for it. First, i listened to the original track a few times and started to get the feel, that this one was a party track, hands in the air, big chorus, that kind of stuff. So i took the vocal and wanted to recreate that feeling but with a bit more of a sexy feeling. “Make that booty roll…” like the lyrics say.

So when i nailed that piano, i went for a hip-hop/dancehall beat that is perfect for booty shaking, that was when i knew that this track was done, when i could hear all of the sexyness it has to offer, Hahahaha!!!

This one is for the ladys, off course!

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After the Wacka Floka bootyleg, i had to give it another try, i had to continue to make the some hip-hop/dancehall beats. I search for acapellas of tracks i listened when i was a kid, and choose this one. It reminded me of my early days when i used to listen to hip-hop and everything Timbaland putted his finger on. This one is also very melodic like the Wacka track, but on this one i messed more around with the vocal, started to cut kinda randomly and the result is what you can listen.

On this one, i went again for the chorus aspect of the thing. Sing along, put your hands up and when the beat drops just shake that booty!!! Hahahahah! It isn’t your usual track with a big drop, i could have gone for that, but i wanna see booty shaking (can you blame me?)

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Oh shitt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First off all, this one i was like “Fuck it! I´m gonna go all in, and just do something i never tried before” So following the path of the other two tracks, i went for the melodic aspect of the thing. Never for a minute i thought about the 4×4 kick pattern i wanted to break away from that and still making a bangging tune! And shit, i think i did it!

All things about this track make are on point, for the break i went a bit experimentall and after a while i nailed it. It has got several trap elements and i fucking love it! “Damm som! Where did you find this!” I didn´t found it anywhere, i made it! Hahahaha!!! Because you gotta “take these bricks and break´em down!” and that´s exactly what i did, after some experiments with this track i feel happy with it!

Grab the whole thing via MEDIAFIRE

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