I can’t express with words how much I despise election years but I will sure as hell try to. They are full of mind games and down right trickery. Obama hits the news the past few weeks with small silly things to promote his re-election. First we have the interview where he cleverly shows support for individual states to allow homosexuals to marry. A trick of course because he didn’t take any action towards making laws protecting this statement nor does it change the fact that government will still meddle in our own relationship affairs. How about this sir “liberal”, stay the fuck out of our business. State government, federal government, city government, the hell to all of you. Because what the hell does the government have to do with people falling in love and deciding to marry? So while looking pleasant and tolerant and singing Al Green well just proves one thing, he’s just another condescending asshole like the rest but he carries himself well. And now this whole immigrant thing is just another attempt to be re-elected. Instead of creating new policies against crony-capitalism (corporatism) with fear that if he does so he’ll of course be cut off from the wealth that’s promised to him for the rest of his life, he tells us that not ALL immigrant children will be deported, that is the ones he sees fit and AMERICAN enough to stay. How about this Mr. “liberal”, don’t deport children. Simple policy to say the least, don’t deport children who grew up in the States and don’t know a thing about their country of birth. Thanks for choosing who is worthy to stay though. That’s really nice of you. For all that wish to argue my points I say do so but for your sake don’t look at any of the pictures of the innocent children he’s slaughtered with his drone attacks in recent months. Those hard facts and images will make your support for the “liberal” appear weak and of poor choice. He’s just as bad or worse than Nixon and Bush, worse because he supports and enforces a KILL list of people in other countries he feels should die by American hands, oh uh I mean American drones. Drones because why should we endanger our lives? We are the corrupt world police and we can’t even disguise it anymore. Fuck you Obama as you enter the ranks of Franco and Stalin.

The good thing is that the illusion of choice is becoming less of an illusion as time goes by. But I’ll hand it to the bastards for still trying to fool the lot of us.

Here’s hoping I don’t get on a kill list or become a part of the American Dream of indefinite detention.

In attempt to switch things to cumbia I do so successfully with a chilled down new remix of Randy Salazar’s nu cumbia jam Archipielago by his mate Altz. Altz makes this the newest in a line of the growing Japanese cumbia scene.


Pa Kongal returns here with yet another nu cumbia explorative track. When I think of nu cumbia this is the sound that first comes to mind.


Snow Balderas and Stereo Reveulta joined forces with a new cumbia Body Moving mashup. From beginning to end it is filled with hard-hitting head-bobbing energy.


For some really digital cumbia you must look no further than the next track I have for you. It’s from DJ BIManCo.


This next one is seriously dope. The bass is driving, the cumbia is deep, the sounds of digital madness.


I’m a little late getting this next one here but it surely had to be done. Max le Daron brought this remix onto the scene about one month ago.


Club De Baile CD’M is a new soundcloud account I stumbled upon recently. The tracks I found there are really very unique. This is a crazy cumbia mix for example.


Here is another goodie from Club De Baile CD’M.


Though the lates of Club De Baile CD’M is the funkiest of all.


La Furia Con Lujuria puts their remixing skills to work on the Sonido Desconicido II Tropico Quasar remixes EP from Caballito.


One must simply check out this edit by elmulato. The intro is awesome, the pacing and vibe throughout never loses it’s cool, and the psychedelic bits throughout make it an all round awesome track.


Cumbia Cosmonauts new Tribal Amazonico EP is out from their first release with Chusma Records. With the EP comes two free downloads too. I’ll post the freebies here.



Albert DJ takes us on another journey into a classic from Lisandro Meza with his epic remix. I’ve already played this in a mix and it worked brilliantly.


Switching gears I’ll take you now to a new digital cumbia from Andean Illicit. He’s claiming it’s just a preview but it sounds finished enough to me.


Dudley Disco came out with a Calle 13 remix of their hit that actually never annoyed me so that’s cool and the reason why a cumbia remix of it works quite well for me too. Oh Atrevete is the hit I’m referring to.


[email protected] hits us back with another remix. This time it’s of Dr. Dre’s ‘The Next Episode.’


I love when Rafael Aragon releases a new cumbia track on the cloud. I’m always pleased with his flavor of sound. This time it’s a cumbia latin-arabia.


I would go farther and say that the new one from La Tirana Caravana is also cumbia-step in nature. Nonetheless whatever you want to call it just call it good.


I have another Lisandro Meza edit for the blog. This time it’s from Afrokumbe. This goes to show the diversity of nu cumbia. His is more of an electro cumbia edit.


Arun y la Cumbia is not only an awesome name but he’s also an awesome nu cumbia producer. His new one is digital goodness. He says it isn’t finished because it needs mastering but honestly I cannot tell at all. It sounds great to me.


Well it was my birthday this past week, my 31st to be exact. A couple of gifts came in the way of digital information. I’d like to share them with all of you.

The first is not cumbia but it is a digital salsa exploration of Moby and I thought maybe you’d dig it. Thanks to Don Juan Pachanga.


The other comes from 3ball maestro Mr. Kanti W. He hit up some Eminem.


I also released a microscopic EP if you will of a few tracks that I couldn’t fit into the new album I am working on. They all seemed to flow so I made up a theme. There are a couple cumbia tracks on it. Here is one maybe you can sink your teeth into.


Oh I couldn’t possibly write a cumbia blog without talking a bit about Ondatropica’s new project. SoundWay Records makes it possible for legends of cumbia and new talent of today to produce an all new album. It will be out June 25th on SoundWay Records.

Here is the first single off of the album followed by a video teaser.


Well it sure appears that it was a busy week. I can hardly tell anymore because I’m always in the middle of everything so it just happens and I collect.

Peace cumbieros!

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