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“travelling with music, using all the senses”

transounds is a concept devised by two friends, Jordanne & Cagney. After 8 years of friendship built through exchanging music, making compilations and going to gigs, they now feel that it is time to share their varied and unique taste with a wider audience.

The pair create playlists that provoke images or feelings of different themes and sub-cultures worldwide. Their music selections can have you enjoying the finest Arabica coffee in Brazil, chilling at an Inuit tea party or analyzing the provocativeness of the latest guerilla street art, simply through the sounds emerging from your speakers. The sounds chosen are not stereotypical examples of these movements, instead they are transounds’ perception, guiding you through various global soundscapes.

Through their explorative natures, transounds will continue to share music for as long as there are new territories to explore in an ever-evolving world.


Assalalaa (Inuit Intro)
Clue To Kalo – Within Reach Of My Own Arms
Braids – Lammicken
Digits – Pale Green Morning
Brooches – Cygnets
Tennis – Contube Alimony
Conforce -Elude
Andy Stott – Cherry Eye
2562 -Desert Lament
Widows – 7.62
Cosiner/Capital – Pearl
Bhutan Tiger Rescue – Beginner’s Waltz
Little Dragon – A New
Boom Clap Bachelors – Løb Stop Stå
Mainey Wilson – Running
Balam Acab -Fragile Hope
Katajjaq (Inuit Skit)
Gang Colours – To Repel Ghosts
Sonnymoon – Wild Rumpus
Matthew Herbert – Nicotine
Bjork -Nattura
Space Dimension Controller – BBD Alignment

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