The seventh in the Moombahtonista series and you know 7 is a very lucky number!!!!

To celebrate No.7 we have a very lucky & talented man, the dude who invented/created/made up/gave birth to/constructed/mothered/fathered/presided over/ stumbled across, this thing we love so much – MOOMBAHTON!

The one & only – Dave Nada!

Previously, as part of this series, we have had:

Jorge Melo




Doc Adam


You should know the score by now:

-An Intro
-Brief Q & A with our Moombahtonista
-The almighty EXCLUSIVE!


(This is not a history lesson, so mind the gaps).

Does this dude need any introduction? No, not really but to those not in the know- The Chairman of the MoombahBoard – DAVE NADA!

How much more could we possibly big up this dude? Cause without him, many young producers would never have had the chance to make a name for themselves or even be in any spotlight right now.

Dillon, Munchi, Heartbreak etc etc, would they be where they are without Moombahton?  It’s questionable!

Would Nada be where he is now without them and their contribution?  It’s questionable!

You see, we don’t really have to look into things like this too deeply cause they’re both equally as important as each other and that’s how movements/communities and, dare I say, as some would say, families are created.  They acted as catalysts for each other.

Dave Nada, right now is getting his dues, from being bigged up by some of the biggest names in the EDM world like Skrillex & DeadMau5 through to being able to play gigs at the most happening festivals and clubs all around the world and he deserves it without question, cause he is a history maker.

He was responsible, after all, for having the vision, foresight and talent for developing the concept of Moombahton and turning it into a fully-fledged movement that influenced the the whole of the EDM world.

Previously, we have spoken of Pre-Moombahton and how it could be argued by some that what Nada did was not really a new idea as such but what in life ever is?  That is part of a deeper philosophical debate about originality in music which has been running since the day that music was invented with so many differing perspectives.

Many people have claimed that they had the same idea or did things in the same way before Nada did BUT they have never put forward ANY EVIDENCE to back up those claims, they have only alleged it.  But Nada can and has proven it, that’s the difference!

The fact is that Nada should always be credited as being the man responsible for Moombahton and in my book he always will be and I just hope that people never forget this and continue to give him due respect way into the future.


So how did it all start?

Well, I always refer to this article as being, I think, the first real introduction to Moombahton to the world anywhere on the net, it’s by Julianne Escobedo Shepherd and you should take time to read it:

Dave Nada, Creator of Moombahton: Interview + MP3s

And apart from the skipping party mentioned in the above article by Julianne, you can read what inspired Nada to come up with the idea here:


and also in the interview below!

So moving on, Nada is part of Nadastrom, a dj duo who are together spreading the message of Moombahton around the world:

Check out their awesome Media Contender mixtape they did back in Jan 2011:


1. Beirut “Akara”
2. Roska + Jamie George “Wonderful Day (Dave Nada Moombahton Edit)”
3. Foamo “Here Comes Foamo (Nadastrom Moombahton Edit)”
4. Sandro Silva “Venga (Nadastrom Moombahton Edit)”
5. Nadastrom vs Knight Riderz vs Pitbull “Brojangles”
6. Tittsworth + Alvin Risk “Pendejas”
7. Benga + Coki “Night (Sabo Moombahton Edit)”
8. Mescal Kid/Ms Thing “Majic (Smutlee Moombahton Edit)”
9. DJ Apt One “Bells + Whistles”
10. Billy The Gent “Seductive Moombahton Edit”
11. Dillon Francis + Dave Nada “Brazzer’s Theme”
12. TC “Where’s My Money (Caspa Remix – Munchi’s Kinda Aggressive Right Now Moombahcore Remix)”
13. Billy The Gent “Hands Hi Moombahton Edit”
14. Steve Starks “Fr33ky in tha Club”
15. Savage Skulls + Douster “Bad Gal feat Robyn (Dave Nada Moombahton Edit)”
16. Alex Font “Angola (Obeyah Moombahton Edit)”
17. Munchi “La Brasilena ta Montao”
18. Nadastrom “Sweet Moombahton”
19. WIN/WIN “Releaserpm (Nadastrom Moombahton Remix)

Grab their EP HERE:

Nadastrom – El Baile Diabluma

The Record Label

So now Nadastrom have started their own record label, DiablumaSound specialising in all things Moombahton.


Within the Moombahton scene,we all know you’re the man who gave us this awesome creation, how does it make you feel to know that you’ve secured your place in the EDM history books and to know that you’re the source of inspiration to so many producers, I can only imagine you feel on top of the world, but try to describe how it feels…

Well, it feels good to be a part of something. Moombahton isn’t just a sound anymore, it’s a vibe with a developing worldwide community. I love it when music embraces its community or region. It’s why I gravitated towards the DC hardcore punk scene starting out, then in Baltimore with Baltimore Club music and underground dance culture. Well, that and because the music was awesome of course. I learned a lot from those years and it continues to be a huge influence on how I view and approach moombahton. I care a lot about the music and how it is percieved, so I’m happy to be in a position where I can help steer moombahton in an interesting direction and share my vision. That was the main reason why I started the Moombahton Massive party with Sabo, and now the Diabluma Sound label with my dj/production partner Matt Nordstrom of Nadastrom. We all share the same love for moombahton.

The infamous skipping party back in September 2009, so many myths about this. We’d be grateful if you could clarify some of these myths:

2a – What was the exact date that this party took place?
2b- Where did it take place (city/location)?
2c- We feel it would make fascinating reading and also be an essential part of the history, if we were able to get hold of some witness testimonies of the people present at that skipping party, will that ever be documented anytime soon?

2. a) Friday November 13th 2009 to be exact.
b) Chillum Heights, Maryland
c) Yes yes yes! This is in the works! 😉

You’ve been touring constantly, in your experience, how is Moombahton reaching out to the world? & is the reaction different in the USA compared to other countries?

In my experience, the reception has been really positive. We (Nadastrom) have been testing crowds all over North America, Australia, the UK and EU for the past 2 years and people absolutely love it. In the past, people didn’t even know what it was but they would go crazy anyway. Even when I started pushing it in DC. People just instantly responded to it. The music spoke for itself, and it continues to do so. The beauty of it now is that there’s tons of new original moombahton music being made with all kinds of different vibes. I couldn’t be happier and it keeps the dj sets fresh and fun for everyone. Moombahton still seems to be the strongest in the US, especially in my hometown of Washington D.C. There’s a lot of pride in moombahton there!

As far as reaction goes, we did notice a difference between the U.S. and Europe. Most crowds in Europe were a bit more patient with the music and the night. We love to build our sets and play as long as possible. That way we can show the range of moombahton. We found that we were able to do that at most of our shows in Europe. We can always get away with that at the DC Moombahton Massives, but not often enough in other parts of the U.S. We usually only get to play for an hour or 90 minutes and end up having to bang it out. But we’re changing that right now with our Moombahton Massive events/tours, where we (Nadastrom and Sabo) play collectively for the majority of the night, if not the entire night, creating and building a vibe.

Which Moombahton producers do you rate at the minute?

I’m currently loving the production and imagination of producers like Steve Starks, JWLS, Melo, Sabo, Billy The Gent, Longjawns, Boyfriend, GTA, Pickster One, Tittsworth, Willy Joy, Valentino Khan, Jay Fay, Astronomar, Jon Kwest, Cousin Culo, Javier Estrada, Sazon Booya, Le Doom and Bass ill Euro. So many more to name, seriously. Also, I’d love to hear more deep stuff from Disgraceland and Prodje!

Sadly, as with many innovators/pioneers of music genres, do you fear being forgotten as the man who made it all possible?

That’s the least of my worries to be honest. As long as I can continue to do my thing, make the records I want to make, push good music and support the homies and the fam, then I’m good.

How do you see the future for the Moombahton scene.

Future seems promising! I mean, I think it’s pretty awesome right now. There are a lot of great moombahton records being made. The moombahton sound has pretty much infiltrated all kinds of scenes and genres. Also, there are a lot of good cats in this scene as well, and the comradary extends all over the world. I hope the positivity remains strong in the future and grows even more in other parts of the world.

Finally, what one message would you like to give out to all the budding Moombahtonista’s?

Explore all the different areas and vibes of moombahton music. Don’t let anybody or anything hold you back from doing you. Keep a Positive Mental Attitude. Oh and make sure your mixes sound tite!!! 😉


American DJ and producer Dave Villeagas, artist name-Dave Nada, is known as the Father of Moombahton. Villeagas created the fused genre of House music and Reggaeton in 2010.

Nada was born in Maryland, a first generation Ecuadorian-American surrounded by five brothers and the sounds of cumbia, Ecuadorian folk, salsa, merengue and reggaeton.

As a teen, he gravitated toward Washington’s legendary hardcore punk scene, playing in bands while learning to DJ on college radio. A move to Baltimore landed Nada in the second surge of Baltimore club music, where he DJed alongside club icons K-Swift, Rod Lee and DJ Technics, while producing acclaimed club tracks of his own.

Villeagas partnered with DJ Matt Nordstrom in 2007 to create a duo group called Nadastrom. They signed with Dubsided and debuted “Pussy” which reached number one on Beatport. Since then, the dynamic duo has been asked to do remixes with A-list artists such as Christina Aguilera, Kid Cudi, Benny Benassi, Waka Flocka Flame, and more.

The duo relocated to Las Angeles and have jumped on several music festivals with other performing EDM artists.

Nadastrom has been recognized by Spin and RollingStone and plans to keep the momentum going.

Nada explains, “There are no rules. Moombahton helped us realize that even more.”


Dave Nada & Nadastrom (Moombahton Only) Discography 2010-2012:

Dave Nada – “Moombahton” EP [T&A RECORDS]
Dave Nada – “Punk Rock Latino” EP [T&A RECORDS]
Steve Starks – “Lydia” (Nadastrom Moombahton Remix) [T&A RECORDS]
LA Riots – “Bomba” (Dave Nada Boombahton Remix) [FOOLS GOLD REC]
Nadastrom – “Rum & Coke” EP [T&A RECORDS]
Dave Nada – “You Take It (Moombahton Club Dub) – “Moombahton Massive” EP [Sol Selectas]
Dave Nada – “Cumbia Nightlife Moombahton Edit” – “Moombahton Massive” EP [Sol Selectas]
Nadastrom – “Here Comes Foamo (Moombahton Edit) – “Moombahton Massive” EP [Sol Selectas]
Sandro Silva – “Venga (Nadastrom Moombahton Edit)” – “Moombahton Massive” EP II [Sol Selectas]
Roska – “Wonderful Day” (Dave Nada Moombahton Edit) – “Moombahton Massive” EP II [Sol Selectas]
Jamie XX – “Far Nearer” (Nadastrom & Sabo Moombahton Edit) – “Moombahton Massive” EP IV [Sol Selectas]
Win/Win ft. Lizzie of Gang Gang Dance – “ReleaseRPM” (Nadastrom Remix) [VICE]
The Deathset – “Can You Seen Straight” (Nadastrom Remix) [Ninjatune]
Blaqstarr – “Rider Girl” (Nadastrom Remix) [Universal]
Alex Clare – “Too Close” (Nadastrom Remix) [Island]
Alex Clare – “Up All Night” [Island]
Blow Your Head Vol.2: Dave Nada presents Moombahton [Mad Decent]
Nadastrom ft. Natalie Storm – “Gal Where Yuh Come From” – BYH Vol.2 [Mad Decent]
Toy Selectah ft. DJ Blass – “Sonido Compay” (Nadastrom Remix) – BYH Vol.2 [Mad Decent]
Dave Nada, Dillon Francis – “Brazzer’s Theme” [Mad Decent]
Nadastrom, Heartbreak – “Church” [Annie Mac Presents: Exclusive Promo]
Nadastrom – “El Baile Diabluma” EP – [Scion A/V]
Drop The Lime – “Bandit Blues” (Nadastrom Remix) [Ultra]
Steve Aoki ft. Lovefoxxx – “Heartbreaker” – [Dim Mak]
Sabo featuring Nadastrom – “Timbique Hasta DC” – “Scion A/V presents Moombahton Massive” – [Scion A/V]
Nadastrom – “Outside The Gate” – “Scion A/V presents Moombahton Massive” – [Scion A/V]
The Very Best – “Yoshua Alikuti” (Nadastrom Remix) – [Mosh Moshi/Coop 2012]



For the exclusive track, Dave wanted to give us the bonus record from the Steve Starks – Burma EP on Diabluma Sound. It’s a track he did called “Shine.”


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