Many of my contemporaries have succumbed to the allure of moombahton these past few years. Some have gone further than others. I remember right at the beginning when my friends here in Phoenix, Riot Earp, DJ Melo and Pickster to name a few joined the ranks of moombahtonistas. I even remember the little known at the time goofy kid from D.C. Dave Nada coming out to visit the Arizonaton scene when it was in its early stages. It’s funny and I’ll be honest here when I tell you the first time I heard moombahton I didn’t care much for it. I remember Melo explaining to me the process of how to produce it and that I should try it out but I felt very little interest, instead I told him I preferred to see what was happening in this nu cumbia scene. That was that. Then I watched it blow up. Suddenly there was a scene all around me with all these producers attempting to make their mark with the new sounds of moombahton. Proudly I can say the lads over here in my part of the world became rather large figures in the moombahton scene and through them, by their work, I started to dig the sound.

I always looked at it as Latin rooted due to the dembow but mixed with Dutch house. I think I am right. Though people step up from time to time to argue saying it’s not Latin rooted. Well I say it is but we all have our opinions. Then came along cumbiathon (with a couple different opinions of spelling), which surely is Latin rooted and if you disagree with that then you’re simply an idiot. It doesn’t stop there though. There is also this intense version called rumbahton. Obviously a mix of rumba and moombahton and therefore also Latin rooted. El Timbe takes this rumbahton style on with his new EP released through Folcore entitled “Rumbahton”.

El Timbe seamlessly remixes these rumba tunes making them sound original and not like a remix at all, as though they were meant for rumbahton before the genre existed. These are my thoughts and I really enjoyed this EP but please I implore you to listen, indulge and let the music speak for itself.

Bailadores is the one that stands out to me the most. My personal favorite.

The third track can be downloaded here on Folcore’s site with the two above as well.


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