“These are bad times for people who like to sit outside the library at dawn on a rainy morning and get ripped to the tits on crank and powerful music.” – Hunter Stockton Thompson

Last week I went nuts with the new Obama re-election strategy that has the whole country talking about society and politics again around the numerous water coolers throughout the even more numerous office buildings. I say anything to get people to stop talking about the never-ending onslaught of reality television shows is by all means welcome. I even received some great feedback, which is something I love to receive. Most agreed with me and some agreed but added that at least it’s a step in the right direction. To that I say “okay” because even though the political sharks use these steps for their own selfish purposes many things wouldn’t have changed from the past. Take the whole African-American civil rights movement back in the good ol’ days. It was a series of small steps in the right direction.

This also brings to mind a tactic you can use when the majority are against your views. I realized this during an immigration bill that was passed here in my state a couple of years ago. You can always win the debate with one simple statement, “even though it’s not a popular view supported by the majority it doesn’t have to mean it’s correct.” Follow up your statement with a history lesson about slavery regarding your country.

These are always trying times. That’s the truth. At least I can rebel here. Sure it costs me jobs and respect but I can always write honestly and always will. Even if the last bit of rebellion I can muster up is to buy and consume Mexican Coca-Cola instead of the lower sugar healthier U.S. FDA approved Coca-Cola. Yeah that’s right! I buy it, there are perks living so close to the border.

To start things off let’s go with a famous American rebel Mr. Neil Young. DJ Umb already posted about DJ A-Mac’s cumbia edit of this classic Neil Young tune Wayfarin’ Stranger. I’ve also been a fan of Young’s for as long as I can remember. Some of the first songs I learned on the guitar were the classics off the “Harvest” album. This is a simple and affective edit but it’s great to hear Neil Young with a cumbia style.


After that chill heart-warming start I move on to the future sounds of cumbia from Spike Devil Disco. He uploaded this great new deep digital cumbia that hits the spot for me. These are the sounds I’m really fond of in my personal style and approach.


Compare us and you’ll find we blend well together. Here is Cumbia Kismet.


Yelram Selectah represents the new sound of Tijuana with his work. He tapped into the Balkans by editing Vuio Fumar into a slowed down heavy bass cumbia.


A whole different sound comes from the new Peruvian Chicha band Olaya Sound System. I’ve posted about them here in the past to good reception. Here is their new jam Manos al Fuego.


One of the dopest mashups comes from Stereo Reveulta this week. He takes on Queen and Daft Punk and mashes them into a cumbia. It’s excellent!


Stereo Revuelta doesn’t stop there though. He also took on Armin Van Helden’ “The Funk Phenomena” in a cumbia style edit.


Tribilin Sound of the Terror Negro Crew in Lima, Peru pays his respect to the Madonna classic “Get Into The Groove.” Damn I remember when I was a kid I thought she was so hot in that video, well I still do think she’s hot in that video.


Tu Guaina appears here again asking “Who Is This Bitch?” It’s a deep dubstep cumbia minimal for all of you with good sound systems.


Take a chill pill with this nice relaxing cumbia electronica track from Cybernetiko.


Dany F takes his signature deep cumbia approach with a remix of Pernett’s “La Cumbia Continental”.


Back to back I have two different edits of the Los Mirlos classic “Cumbia de los Pajaritos.” Both are quite different. First from the land of Los Mirlos is Cumbia Dub Club.


In Mexico Augastin Sound System had a whole different idea.


Polymiller features Al Gua Gua in an awesome cumbia hip hop track uploaded this week. This is the sound of pure Mexicano cumbia hip hop.


Luigi Sound Selectah may have found the exact perfect marriage of cumbia, Lain jazz and dubstep with his take on a classic by Lucho Bermudez.


I’m happy to see another weekly tumbia series from Turbo Sonidero Futuristico. I loved and miss his Tumbia of the Week series he used to do. But this is even better. They’re full tracks and with a video uploaded to match. He’ll release them every Friday.


The space alien robot maestro Oscilador Bass is gearing up for his massive tour starting later this summer. His live shows are something to see. So keep your eye out. Here’s a taste of what you can expect.

Oscilador Presenta Tropical Roots System 2012 from Vctor { Design + Motion } on Vimeo.


Last up and very important actually is the new Superpendejos EP debut release with Urban World Records. I wrote an extensive review on NCE but here I’ll share the three tracks from the new EP.




Also on the EP there are three remixes from producers Fort Knox Five, Professor Angel Sound and Dixone!

I hope I gave you your cumbia fix this weekend. I’m always here for you to bring out the best in the underground nu cumbia scene. I’m not going anywhere, instead I’ll keep digging further into the nu cumbia experience.

Peace cumbieros

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