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A new scene is growing up day by day in São Paulo, the funk telling about Money, brands and some kind of lusty.

The history of baile funk started in Rio de Janeiro, and for many years, they shared it to rest of Brazil (and world). There isn’t other polo producing funk, we just consume that funk of Rio. But 1-2 years ago this situations changed. Here in São Paulo, there is a group of funkeiros producing a new style of funk and they stopped to use the lyrics and themes of Rio de Janeiro. We all know that funk talks about woman, sex, bundas, shaking and similars. Well, in the funk of São Paulo, the situation is to talk about brand, money, car, motorbike, jet-ski and everything else you can buy with a lot of money. Clothe Brands as Lacoste, Hollister, Abercrombie e Fitch and Oakley are in the context. Or Ferrari, Hayabusa, Megane, Camaro, other models of cars too. Women still in music, but just shaking their ass, now they have a new term to woman: Novinha (translate can be young girl, a teenager, girl with 15-16 that is becoming woman). Check it:










A interesting point is: the music is very similar, all producers use the beatbox of funk and they create the melody with a single sample of other music. In the 90% of music, the mc is singing with no melody or synth or anything else, just the beat. This movement is very similar with the black music of USA, when they started to film clips and go to comercial music.

We recorded a set with the top music of funk paulista, we called it as Ostentação (lusty in transalte):


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