We over at Rock The Dub have spent over half a decade curating the ‘Thugstep’ sound. Back in the days when acapellas for just about any song were easy to find, I was going to town. There were still CD singles and vocals on vinyl, and I knocked out well over 100 solid refixes in less than 6 months.

Then I pulled a disappearing act. Nothing new came out for 4 years. My manager slowly leaked these songs. DJ Cable spoke about the influence the ONLY mix I ever did had on his sound selection in an MTV article. Huge DJs were playing these tunes at soundclashes. Coki rinsed his signature refix (and the first Thugstep track I released) on the radio. I was nowhere to be found.

The now-defunct ‘Hoodlum’ collective I was a part of had a reputation for bootlegging tracks that we liked. The site lapsed into oblivion, and everyone moved onto other things. Hipnotikk got consistent bookings in Atlanta and lined up with the homies over at Freakbeat Records. Cable started his Triangulum imprint and is currently releasing some of the swankiest boutique bass music out. And I started the “Thugstep Commission” series over at ClubTapes. I’m over 100,000 streams there, and just getting warmed up.

But these were studio mixes. And the only way to build a brand and a market is to share your music with an audience. The ‘This Is Thugstep’ series will be in 4 parts, and will be released over the next 4 months to highlight some of my favorite tunes in the past 6 years. No drops. No shouting. Just 320’s of tunes that I love to hear when I’m out.

Please share, download, and enjoy.


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