When I see anything uploaded with the origin being from Peru I have learned to immediately check it out. My experiences in the past have created this habit because the sounds coming from Peru are among the most interesting and innovative today. If you wish to challenge my opinion I beg of you to do so. I’ll even make it easy for you by posting about one of the more interesting duos to hit the Internet clouds of recent months.

Their name is Animal Chuki and they’re from Lima, Peru. The exciting duo comprises of Andread Campos and Daniel Valle-Riestra. Animal Chuki explores the animal inside the minds of modern EDM producers.

Mixing dumbia, moombahton and the animalistic nature makes for a dark atmosphere filled with energetic rhythms and explorative effects and samples.

Let’s first discover the animal nature behind the hunger for narcotics with this intense moombahton track.


We must also visit the mind of the king of the jungle. El Rey is a very dark synth heavy side of the animal producer kingdom.



Not all of the animals are limited to being grounded to the Earth. Some are fortunate enough to fly. This one takes us above the forest canopy at incredible speed exploring the forest of sounds below. I can see the great giant waterfall up ahead.


Diving back towards the Earth the busy forest floor never sleeps.



This one has the most incredible intro out of all of them. Look at it as a tribute to all the cats wild, tame, giant and small.


This is Animal Chuki!



This just in… Check out Animal Chuki being featured on Mari Ya’s new Radio San Bolsa show Moombah Rox live this Saturday 2 pm (GMT-05)

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