A little gem surfaced from the deep waters of the web and revealed itself to me. It is a little four track EP called riTmo de POrro from Buenos Aires native Damo Naimad. It features true Afro-Colombian cumbia rhythms with delay effects, chilled haunting horns and beautiful Colombian vocalist Totó la Momposina. If you haven’t checked it out yet then you’re in for a treat, if you have then you’re in for a treat again.

Taking a turn to rebajada (chopped and screwed) Randy Salazar Jr. salutes democracy in Mexico with his new cumbia track just in time for the elections.


I’m not ready to speed it up yet. I also have what normally is a high-energy cumbia “Fiesta Cumbiambera”. Papi Perez edited this rebajada for us.


Turbo Sonidero Futuristico dropped this off to me earlier. He produced it a couple of years ago according to his computer and didn’t release it until now. I think he thought it was a bit weird for the time. But considering the rest of us brought the weirdness level up it now fits in quite well.


When it comes to blending hip hop with old school global cumbia DJ Neber is among my favorites. He has mad scratching skills and isn’t afraid to show it. Also he matches the hip hop beats so very well that it brings a whole new life to the track.



Here is a bit of his scratching and live flow. I think I actually might have downloaded most if not all of his tracks on SoundCloud.


It’s always a pleasure to hear more from Colombian artist Bleepolar. He’s back at it with his remix of Pernett’s “La Cumbia Continental”. This is definitely featuring the signature cumbia beats of Bleepolar.


A beautiful cumbia improvisation comes from Arun y la Cumbia (Arun Ruz) in this piece. Featuring vocals by Deva Baumbach. It truly is quite beautiful, quite intoxicating and quite original. I’m a sucker for improvisation, especially with live instrumentation or live playing. The electric piano solo is really nice done in this one.


“Cumbia Sammy (Nut Brown Cumbia)” is off of Piper Street Sounds new really awesome album “Cumbia de la Piedmont.” It’s a unique blend of digital drum programming, synth bass, synth leads and nylon string guitar playing. It shows the diverse talents of Atlanta producer Matthew Mansfield. And I beg of you to check out the album as soon as you can if you haven’t yet. It’s really exciting.


One song I thought I could happily live without ever having to hear again is “Pose” by Daddy Yankee. You know what I mean? Those top 40 tracks that are overplayed everywhere. It’s like with children watching the same animated movie 20-30 times a day without growing tired, it seems the top 40 clubbers have the same mentality. It’s hard for me to post anything like that here but this time I make an exception. I don’t know what possessed Sonidos Profundos to decide that he should make a remix of “Pose,” but to be honest as hard as it is for me to say, I am glad he did. It really sounds great when it has that unique Sonidos Profundos touch.


Now with rock en Español or electro pop I’m more inclined to be down with and normally am. Stereo Revuelta does justice with his awesome cumbia edit of “Deja Te Conecto” by Zoe. Adding some wobbles, cumbia rhythms and heavier bass makes for nice edit for the cumbia dance floor.


Copia Doble Systema rarely needs any help promoting their new tracks. This week is no exception. Promoting the apparently strong dancehall scene in Denmark they remixed Copenhagen resident dancehall team Eager and Stunn’s “Kugledans.” I checked out the original track too, both are awesome.


Urban World Records and Al Lindrum have been hard at work this past year compiling a remix album of the flamenco infused with urban modernization group Ojos De Brujo. The remix album consists of 13 remixes from various diverse producers and DJ’s.  The remixes range from dub-step to DnB to dancehall to cumbia all the way to breaks. Here I will post the last track on the album, a cumbia remix from Empresarios of the song “Ventilaor R-80.” It’s also exciting to have a new Empresarios digital cumbia to share here.


Last up I have an older one from DJ Rüstico. It’s a mashup of Cumbia mundial and Taliban del Amor. It’s really dope and I feel a strong need to post it here.


Peace mis cumbieros

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