So we’re gonna be trawling through our archives to find what we consider to be some of our classic posts, which should highlight just how influential we might have been in the past 4 years!!

So as a blog, we were one of the first who started to shed some real light on Drumstep in April 2010.  This led to a whole series of Drumstep Friday Posts that I started to do (some featuring Brian Viveros artwork).

The very next day after we posted this, a couple of Drumstep pages started to appear on Facebook, some dude from Serbia  set up a Drumstep page on Facebook and within 6 hours there was around 1000 members!!!!

A Drumstep Forum was shortly created thereafter and the guy running it didn’t have a clue about doing his own posts and so he wanted to duplicate our posts and so I use to send them to him.  A whole new batch of drumstep material started appearing, which continues to this very day and indeed it seems to be gaining more momentum as time goes on!

See the original Post here but it is reproduced below!

Generation Bass Classic Post : 30 April 2010:



A sub genre of drum and bass where the beat structure is “half time” but the remaining elements still adhere to the usual tempo and melody pattern style

“Just left the studio session with excision downlink and evol intent!! Started on some heavyyyy drumstep :)” – DATSIK

“Drumstep is basically half tempo dnb”

“Same bpm as dnb but same techniques as dubstep ….hence Drum-step”

“Drumstep is taking the double time theory and applying it to DNB…. example: 140bpms feels like 70bpms in dubstep, drumstep is something like 180bpms but feels like 90bpms…. someone correct me if im wrong here… a perfect example would be the “Quarks” song by Dirty Phonics”

“I meant half time, i dont know what i was thinking, too much music theory runnin through my head….and Arron Silverstien, The middle part off Against the Machines is Drumstep i believe, its a 3 part song basically with 3 distinctively different drops.”


So, any of you guys interested in producing tunes in this genre?just uploaded a mix to get you heated.

Description: Minimix by bilsiactracklist1. Eggchan – On the road now2. Skream – Midnight request line (zinc rmx)3. Bilsiac – We control it4. Dj Hazard – wicked so5. Bilsiac – Blood on the line6. Bilsiac – Lonely Department7. Jazzsteppa – Two

Euhm…I may be wrong but…isn’t it just dubstep tracks remixed into DnB?

No need to call it Drumstep…

don’t want to call it drumstep either, but there is a clear difference between regular drumnbass and this genre.  Whatever it’s called, i love to mix it, and id love to have some more tracks like this.

Wtf are you talking about? This is just drum and bass, what is this clear difference you talking about? Is it because of the snare? Is it because it isn’t using the generic amen break style beat? This is silliness!

Ok its drumnbass, the snare is just repeated half the time it is used in regular dnb.  i think it gives a new perspective. btw check out this topic since there are also people who think it is not just clear dnb


Also the snare is in between where the 2 generic snares would be which gives it the generic dubstep swing. I do like it don’t get me wrong but at the end of the day it’s just another style of drum and bass in my opinion. Didn’t read anyone calling this Drumstep in that thread?

why the fuss over a word?  its just music

Isn’t this just dubstep at 170 bpm? That’s that that’s bad.

Sometimes you have to speed things up a bit, like something I vaguely remember “Wouldn’t it be terrible if Led Zeppelin made all their song at 140 bpm?”.

god, get it right boys, half step dnb is basically hip hop.


I do quite like returning to some hip hop vibes though, as I was mainly into hip hop when I started producing.

These are a couple of my “drumstep” attempts…

We Don’t Care by J-One

Tears by J-One

I won’t say what it is, but it is at 170 bpm. Check it out!

Grooki – Electron by Grooki

Mellodrone by Blánca

Blánca – Clocks (Clip) by Blánca



This great new free release that my dude Heartbreak sent my way, you need to grab this cause it is freakin’ awesome!!!

“Feed The FUPA” is the inaugural Future Bootyhouse project from electronic music producer Rex Riot.  A change in pace from his previous EPs “Beyond” (Play Me Records) and “Luv Machine” (Heavy Artillery Recordings), “Feed The FUPA” is an infectious 128 bpm dance anthem incorporating Moombahton energy, Trap rhythms, and a hint of Dubstep into the classic House/Electro music format. This release will also feature two other Rex Riot-produced Future Bootyhouse give-away remixes (Feed Me – Blood Red and Daft Punk – Aerodynamic), culminating in a well-rounded package of fresh, new EDM to finish up your summer.






AIM rexriot

Grab some more freebies too:


The new Lord Cry Cry video to Q Magazine’s Track of the Day has just hit over 37k hits on Vimeo in just 3 weeks!!!

Lord Cry Cry – Blind Lightnin’ Floor from Francis on Vimeo.

a little no budget video for “lord cry cry”, photographed in my home bedroom over the course of two months…

For his new track “Blind Lightnin’ Floor” Lord Cry Cry ordered a special band to perform live on stage:

vocals: daffodil
guitar: guernsey lily
bass: hyacinth
percussion: sea thrift & freesia
synths: japanese quince & snake’s head

music by: lord cry cry

all flowers (except japanese quince, top right)
directed, photographed, animated and composited by francis kamprath

great thanks for the red curtain!
free stock footage created by Phil Fried:





So we’re gonna be trawling through our archives to find what we consider to be some of our classic posts, which should highlight just how influential we might have been in the past 4 years!!

It was Munchi’s birthday over the weekend and so a Happy Belated Birthday from all of us at Team GB 🙂

The following extract is is taken from The Moombahtonista Post on Munchi, which we did more recently and is yet another classic post but we’ll revisit that one later.

This Classic Post today is about the one we did on 14 July 2010 but I felt that the stuff I said on The Munchi Moombahtonisa is totally relevant for this post as an intro:

On July 14th 2010, all HELL broke loose.

I heard “FIREPOWER”!

I was blogging Datsik a lot in those days and also as far back as in 2009, when not many really knew who Datsik was. I had the pleasure of opening for Datsik in my home city in Birmingham in March 2010. So were were blogging about him furiously. I had no idea Munchi was also listening to Datsik. I knew he was into Burial and Loefah and those dudes but I had no idea he was into the more aggressive stuff.  So it was a huge surprise when I heard his Datsik edit of “Firepower”.

Man it BLEW MY MIND!!!

I was about the 8th person to hear it on his soundcloud and I just said:

“fuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkk!……..NEXT LEVEL SHIIT!…The apprentice becomes a MASTER!”

I immediately knew then something big & new had been borne. It was like NOTHING I had ever heard before and the aggressiveness of it also surprised me, cause we weren’t used to this side of Munchi.

So I thought I got to do a blog of this track and sensationalize so that the world hears it, cause the world needs to hear it!!!!

So what better way to draw attention to it than to say, “Say Hello 2 The Next Diplo”!

Julianne Escobedeo Shepherd who did the the ORIGINAL online article on the Birth of Moombahton in the The Fader picked up on it from our blog and wrote THIS and the rest is history.

The “Firepower” track was for “me”, the moment when I saw Genius in Munchi and I then became one of his staunchest supporters. Up until that moment, the kid was showing a lot of PROMISE but “Firepower” changed all of that and showed us the work of a GENIUS!  He had started on his journey to becoming a bona fide LEGEND.

“Firepower” had acted as a major catalyst for the Moombahton movement. When I heard the track I could see back then the vision Munchi had created for the future of this Moombahton movement. He had given it mouth 2 mouth resuscitation and had breathed new life into it.

All the Dubstep & Drumstep heads who were visiting our blog started to get into it and we started seeing a flow of Moombahcore edits. Without “Firepower”, I doubt we’d be as far advanced as we are with the movement today. It opened up the doors to a whole new world for a broad range of people. 

[Extract from The Original Moombahtonista – Munchi]

See the Original 14 July 2010 post here but it is also reproduced below!

Generation Bass Classic Post – 14 July 2010:

You already know about our young prodigy, 17 year old Munchi.  We were one of the first blogs to cover him after he came to us with a vault full of gems.

I am now convinced after hearing his latest track/re-fix/mash up, whateva you wanna call it, that he will be the next Super Shit Hottt Producer, the next Diplo!

In fact I would go as far as to say that I think, in time, he might even be better than Diplo (sorry Diplo, we really love you mate but our Munchi’s a little bit special)!

Listen to this killa and I dare you to tell me that I’m far off the mark or just plain stupid and wrong ( somebody, quite influential, well let’s say a big fish in a very small pond, already told me that..ahahha but do I give a f***, No I f****** don’t lmao..boohoo to him) !

Datsik – Firepower (Munchi Moombahcore Rmx) by Munchi




Good mix here, Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Indie, Chillwave, beautiful!

More variation in the transitions could have made it better but track selection is mostly cool.



As one of the pioneers in the launch of the indie/electronic label named sick music records, singer Soulsa became well known in the underground indie music scene for his upbeat yet potent lyrics sung in an almost shoe gazing style.

Accredited to producer & creator of sick music records Apollo plus songs with Plastic Shaman Soulsa’s tracks tend to fall heavily into the genre’s of synth pop with an alternative indie dance twist.

After a year of studying music technology together the pair decided to peruse there dreams of making a career in the music industry.

The next three years saw them becoming well known and appreciated as djs,performers and nightclub promoters in there home city of Bristol in the South West of the UK where they would hold events playing and performing there own music productions.

Finally Soulsa’s recognition was raised in 2012 where the songs ‘BIRDS ON WIRES’ and ‘SPACE TRAVELER’ in which his vocals were featured on for Apollo’s album ‘THREE’ generated large popularity worldwide and received much compliments from critics on various online blogs.

Now Soulsa is regulary being listed on top Uk radio stations as well as being supported by numerous ‘big named’ dj’s. If there was a door to the mainstream or simply being heard by the world, Soulsa and the sick music team are definitely booting it down at a increasingly high pace.


We’ve come pretty late to this one but it has to be one of the best current mixes I’ve heard in such a long time, especially coming from a 22 year old. It demonstrates phenomenal maturity and a real understanding and love for music.

A lot of my “obscure” faves on this, “Shigeru Umebayashi – Yumeji’s Theme (In The Mood For Love) [In The Mood For Love OST”, which I included on my Summer of Luvstep mix last year, Jordi Savall, which I included on my “Stories for a Melancholic” about 3 years ago, Keith Jarrett, Electric Prunes, Angelo Badalamenti, Mingus, Anouar Brahem and a whole host of others.

It includes one of the most beautiful intro’s you’ll ever hear of Angelo Badalamenti speaking about David Lynch’s reaction and involvement in creating the beautiful Twin Peaks theme.

This guy really knows his music. A real beautiful and melancholic vibe to this and a phenomenal journey to boot.

Finest Essential Mix I’ve heard.

Get totally LOST in this:

01. Nicolas Jaar & Maceo Plex – Gravy Train (Nicolas Jaar Remix) [Get Physical Music]
02. Nicolas Jaar – Space Is Only Noise [Clown & Sunset]
03. Laxx & Farkas – Creature
04. Nicolas Jaar – Don’t Break My Love [Clown & Sunset]

05. Angelo Badalamenti – Conversation On Twin Peaks [Warner Bros]
06. The Brothers Four – Greenfields [Columbia]
07. Jay-Z – My First Song (Acapella) [Roc-A- Fella]
08. Jonny Greenwood – There Will Be Blood [NONESUCH]
09. Los Ángeles Negros – Tu Y Tu Mirar… Yo Y Mi Cancion [Harmless]
10. LaShun Pace – It’s Me Oh Lord (Acapella Praise) [Shanachie]
11. Jonny Greenwood – Open Spaces [NONESUCH]
12. Pearson Sound – Footloose [Pearson Sound]
13. The Electric Prunes – Holy Are You (There Is No God Edit) [Reprise]
14. Aphex Twin – Ziggomatic 17 [WARP]
15. Keith Jarrett – Tokyo, November 14 (Encore) [ECM Records]
16. My Girl And Me – Always Back To You (feat. Lorraine) [Unknown]
17. Vera November – Last Night Together (You’re Coming Back Edit) [Rough Trade]
18. Nikita Quasim – L’amour L’après Midi [Clown and Sunset]
19. Nikita Quasim – The Way I Felt Today [Clown and Sunset]
20. Feist – Caught A Long Wind [Polydor]
21. Shigeru Umebayashi – Yumeji’s Theme (In The Mood For Love) [In The Mood For Love OST, Higher Octave OmTown]
22. *NSYNC – It Makes Me Ill (Edit) [JIVE]
23. Unknown – Unknown
24. Charles Mingus – Myself When I’m Real [IMPULSE]
25. Bill Callahan – America! [DRAG CITY]
26. The Field – The Little Heart Beats So Fast [Kompakt]
27. Sneaky Sound System – Always By Your Side (Nicolas Jaar Remix) [Modular]
28. Just Friends – Avalanche [Unknown]
29. Pavla + Noura – Don’t Owe Me A Thing [The Prism, Clown and Sunset]
30. Acid Pauli – La Voz Tan Tierna [Clown and Sunset]
31. Igor Wakhevitch – Taddy’s Dream: Ramallah’s Road [Pathé Marconi EMI]
32. Nikita Quasim – Derridu [Unknown]
33. Beyoncé Knowles – 1+1 [Columbia]
34. Anouar Brahem – Vague / E La Nave Va [ECM]
35. Rio Grande – Let’s Groove (Tonight Edit) [Unknown]
36. Gonzales – Manifesto [Sunnyside]
37. The Grass Roots – Let’s Live For Today (Learn To Live Edit) [Dunhill]
38. Marvin Gaye – Inner City Blues (Sk Edit) [TAMLA]
39. Man Friday – Real Love (The Paradise Garage Mix) (feat. Larry Levan) [Nite Grooves]
40. DJ Slugo – What That Do [Subterranean Playhouse]
41. Ricardo Villalobos – What You Say Is More Than I Can Say [Playhouse]
42. Untitled – Untitled [Unknown]
43. Nicolas Jaar – The Student [Wolf & Lamb]

If you enjoyed this, be sure to check out 2 of my mixes as you might like these too:

Stories For A Melancholic

Songs of Dreamland


Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – Standards of Industry

Art by Tu Guaina

This week I wish to ask questions of you dear readers. It won’t receive a simple one or two word answer but please comment and let me know what your thoughts are.

There is a lot of concern these days among producers and DJ’s about making money in the music industry doing what they do. How do you see this? One thing I want to point out is that the music industry is still a new industry. Unlike law, building, masonry, and farming among many others, music has within the last 100 years had an industry created around it. Now that this industry has gone through a massive change due to the various dealings with modern technology i.e. recording, file sharing, digital labels and blogs, is it so bad that it moves back into a direction of where music is an art used for personal expression and joy? Sure there were maestros commissioned by kings and churches to compose pieces in their honor but as for the majority of minstrels it was a lower paying career where they traveled with fairs or just a gig during social gatherings. In the 20th century did we spoil the musicians with entitlements and offers and promises of great wealth? Now that the industry has changed so dramatically does it seem that people are hung up on now outdated industry entitlements? Do you see it as a way for people to connect more? Will it be that when once the industry of the past 100 years completely disappears there will be no more delusions and the people left standing will provide great quality music as their labor of love? Is this a way for cleaning house of all the wannabes? Or do you see it continuing to be dominated by mainstream club culture (the industry’s last hope)?

Lots of questions but I’m interested to hear what many of you think.

As for the cumbia here this week I can be quite sure they were all produced as labors of love. Captain Cumbia and Pedrolito Radioglobal show the great joy to be had with music production and performance. They wrapped up their big soundclash cumbia contest this past week. Here is a rather excellent epilogue.

Aro1984 put together a really cool mixtape of nu cumbia from the past and recently released. Some of my old favorites on here.

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

Not only did he provide the art for this post but Tu Guaina is featured here too. With his experimental digital cumbia laptop love productions fortunately being released at a good steady pace, he pushes the sounds of cumbia to whole new depths.

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

This came out hilarious to me but also awesome. It’s a mashup of craziness.

Augustine Sound System took this all-too-familiar Norteno and created a fun piece.

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

Albert DJ is another one of our favorite cumbieros taking the classics of cumbia into the new generations and we can always rely on him to do it honorably.

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

Taking us on a galactic cumbia trip is none other than Arun y la Cumbia.

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

Yelram Selectah takes on another massive sonidera hit with his cumbiathon remix of El Paso De Gigante.

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

With his hip hop tendencies DJ Neber is always making the dopest cumbia edits. Here is his new track we must all download if we want to be cool.

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

Deep in the darkest places of our cumbia souls there are sounds that H.D.L.T. has mastered bringing to the light of day. H.D.L.T. is always going to be among my favorites as I anxiously am awaiting every new track he produces.

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

Add On de Bass mashes cumbia to drum and bass better than anyone I can think of. Here is his work with Molotov to show you his style.

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

This beautiful remix of this beautiful song by Watcha Clan comes from the hands of Andres Digital.

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

It was exciting to see Sonora return with more nu cumbia this week. And he came back strong just as we expected him to.

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

I know I have been posting a lot of Los Mirlos edits on here lately but I can’t help it. I have another one from pe.garcia. with a dope edit with Ghost Face Killah and it came out really awesome.

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

Some recent love has been shown for Colombia’s independence day last week. A mixtape from Jack Posada is just the perfect thing for the job.

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

Gnotes edit Canto A Cartegena is really cool with all the added percussion and bass lines.

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]

Disco Movil Rumbatron put together this mixtape of old and new cumbia from his time at Santa Leyenda Bar in Mexico DF.

Last up is a very different mixtape mostly focusing on digital elements and live bands. It’s from Vinzdegar. There are some really cool tracks on here.

That about does it this week. Please let me know your thoughts on the music industry and if you would like to add more by telling your story of how you earn money while producing and DJ’ing.


The INSURGENT drops a bunch of free hot beats!

Over the last couple of years my friend HERR MULLER has dropped some really nice stuff, always balancing on the line between listening and dancing music. Of course he dropped a really sick EP on Generation Bass Digi, in fact, our very first release! Not just because we know the dude, but mostly because the tracks are really bangin’. He’s always been into hiphjop and funk though and with his latest incarnation as THE INSURGENT he’s given in to his lifelong ambitions to just produce straight up hiphop. Good thing that his version of straight up hiphop is not as average and boring sounding as all the other recent hiphop stuff… The Throne? I mean, come on…

So here’s a bunch of remixes and tracks my man dropped the last couple of months and I’ve installed a soundcloud page for the dude, so you can easily peep and download everything on there. show some love mane. Cause its some real good, solid production coming your way…!

his older stuff:

Sensitive Shit by Coco Bryce

That guy COCO BRYCE is such a wanker. One moment he’s all straight up gangsta, the next he’s doing love songs for girls. He flips around more than Vanilla Ice. Problem is… He’s really nice. And another problem are his really excellent productions. Balancing between SKWEEE (where are you at SKWEEE HEADS!!!!!!!) and instrumental hiphop, with focus on melodies and solid beat production, he continues to surprise me with his great tracks. This release aint free, he has to pay for those pretty girls he prances around with somehow right? But its well worth the 5 bucks he wants for it.

Coco is still the head that matters. Be sure to check his shit out, and try to snatch up that last tape!