You know the music industry is always telling you what to buy, who to like, what is in right now, bigging up their friends, fabricating scenes and genres, manufacturing bands and all this other bullshit and some of that that applies to us too.

Here is a man who speaks his mind about this.  Might not agree with all of it but some of it certainly rings home for me and actually mirrors some of the things, I myself have said, except that I don’t charge $5000 per gig!

This is a dude/enigma called Higha Level aka NickT who is probably one of the most talked about, obsessed over and hated figures in the Moombahton FB group.  I actually let him into the group on my last day in the group cause I felt that, as he was as often talked about as much as Moombahton, he deserved to have his say too.

He didn’t cause as much chaos as I was hoping he would and it was a pretty mild dialogue, which demonstrated in one sense that he is not all about trolling, even, which many accuse him of.

You will find out much, much more about him as we go on but first you need to become accustomed to or understand this unique language/slang he uses:


Kneepad DJ/Producer = Someone Of Any Race Or Ethnicity Who Lies / Puts Themselves Down For To Be The Opening Act Or Lies About The Music (Due To Lack Of Knowledge Mostly) To Get Gigs

Cracker DJ/Producer = Someone Of Any Race Or Ethnicity That Musically Is Flat Dry & Plays Music In 2 Flavors Cheesy & Salty

Bleaching DJs & Producers = People Who Dont Know The History Of Music & Lie About The Roots Of The Genre

Non Kosher Goyim = A Term Used To Describe People Who Are What That Term Means Usually Used To Refer To People Of The Ethnicity Who Speak That Language

Stick To Kneepads/Get The Kneepads Out/Get Your Kneepads = Used To Tell DJs/Producers Go Suck Up To Get A Gig Because Musically You Cant Or You Dont Believe In Yourself To Do It

Also Refers To People Who Put Themselves Down Or The Music Down Or Lie About The Music To Advance Liars In The Industry

$7+(Insert Food) Or 7+Bar = DJs Or Producers That Undercut Or Get By On Connections By Undercutting Others To Get Gigs Not Realizing What It Does To The Industry Also Refers To DJs & Producers Who Imitate I Also Usually Add A Food That Refers To DJs Or Producers Backgrounds

Skrillex = Can Refer To Anyone But Mostly To Rockers Who Got Into Dubstep After Britney Spears Record

Put Your Hands Up For Detroit = This Term Refers To People That Got Into Electronic Music After That Song Came Out Can Be USed A Few Ways Examples Below

EX: “Stick To Put Your Hands Up For Detroit” Meaning Keep Making Imitation Electronic Music

EX: “You’re Put Your Hands Up For Detroit” Meaning You Lack Knowledge Of Electronic Music Before That Point You Are Uneducated On That Subject Of Music

Obsessed Fans/Stalkers = Music Fans That Are Obsessed That Due Crazy Things Like Go Out Pretending To Be People Or Going Online Pretending To Be Them Or Copying Their Traits Without Acknowledgment Talking About You Online After They Say Bad Things About You Etc

Obsessed Industry People = People Within The Music Industry Who Are Suppose To Be Professional Turn Into Obsessed Fans/Stalkers Starting To Talk Like Me Or Use My Slang Like I Have Influenced Them Without Acknowledgment

Click Click = People On The Internet Who Think Typing Is Talking But Scared To Voice Those Thoughts For Various Reasons

EDM Producer Or DJ = If I Say You Are A EDM Producer Or DJ I Am Saying You Are A Imitator Of The Imitator Because There IS No Such Thing As EDM Thats A Industry Code Word

Urban Producer Or DJ = If I Say You Are A Urban Producer Or DJ I Am Saying You Are A Imitator Of The Imitator Because There IS No Such Thing As Urban Thats A Industry Code Word

Pretend Latins = People Who Never Showed Any Latin Their Music & Then Jumped On The Bandwagon

Ricky Martin Latins = People Who Think That Latin Music Is Ricky Martin Enrique Igellasis Pitbull Nada Etc

Play A Role/ Actor/Actress = Someone Of Any Race Or Ethnicity Who Is Canadian Who Plays A Role That Not Themselves Or Lies About Music To Get Gigs

Playing Mr Dress Up/Mr Dress Up = Someone Of Any Race Or Ethnicity Who Is Canadian Who Plays A Role That Not Themselves Or Lies About Music To Get Gigs

Ex: Urban DJs Turned EDM DJs Or Vice Versa Or Interchange Genres (Imitators Who Imitate & Water Down In The Process)

Macaroni & Ketchup Crackers/Cakers Or Macaroni & Cheese Crackers/Cakers = Someone Of Any Ethnicity Who IS Canadian That Has Forget Their Heritage

Ignatieff DJs & Producers = Refers To Canadians Who Leave Canada To Make A Name For Themselves But Then Want To Come Back & Act Like They Did Something For The Canadian Music Scene Example: 98% Of Canadian Performers

Money Up = I Say That To People Who Put Me Down Or Talk About Me Musically But Are Scared To Put Their Money Up To Match My Offered Rates

Pretend DJs = Producers A&R’s Promoters Label Execs Etc Pretending To Be DJs As Fronts For Their Own Music Or Companys Music

2Face DJs/Producers = People Who Act Different Ways To Steal & To Advance Themselves Usually Dont Know Music But Good At Politicks

Screwface DJs = Was A Term To Refer To 95% Of Toronto DJs But Now Refers To 95% Of All Canadian DJs In All Genres & Their Lack Of Music Knowledge & Breaking Canadian Music

Screwface = This Term Existed Before Me & It Was A Metaphor For Toronto Music Fans Who Dont Support Canadian Artists Which But I Use It Another Way My Term Means A SOng Being Good That It Makes Someones Face Screw

Billy Talent Bag Boy / Queen St W = Refers To Canadians Who Were In The Emo & Rock Music & Then Started Doing Imitation Electronic Music AFter Put Your Hnads Up For Detroit

Farm League = Canadian DJs & Producers Who Leave The Local Market That They Cant Reach To Be Played & To Be Warm Up Acts All Over The World

Kindergarden DJs & Producers/ You Are Kinderagrden = People Who Lack Music Knowledge Or Peoples Whose Knowledge Of Music Doesnt Go Past MTV Beatport Mad Decent T&A Pitchfork Fader Etc & Other Pretend Outlets

French Fry DJs & Producers = Usually Refers Canadian DJs From Quebec Who Sell Out & Start Wearing A Leafs Jersey These Djsa Dont Know Their Roots/Show Them

Bag Boy Canadian/ Bag Boy For Americans = Canadian DJs Who Will Do Anything For Acceptance By Musicians Outside Of Canada But In Canada To Canadians They Act Different Usually Because They Are Looking To Warm Up For Internationals

Marion Berry/Smoking Marion Berry = Djs & Producers Who Sound Like They Are On Crack Talking About Music Because Of Their Lack Of Knowledge

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