For those not familiar with Nahuatl Sound System the best way to look at them is as if the Aztec kingdom at the height of their civilization were sent through an inter-dimensional gateway to a world where all cultures merged in a peaceful existence. The sound of Nahuatl Sound System is filled with incredible diversity that flows together elegantly and peacefully. Aztec-dub with bits of cumbia, glitch and electronica is another way to look at them. But quit looking at them, yes their artwork is awesome but listen to their new EP Ueliti Yaotl.

First though please allow me to express the message I get from Ueliti Yaotl. The other day I had a rant (again) about my strong feelings of true anarchy being the only solution to our world’s problems. By a voluntarist system can we solve all our problems and the rest of nature’s. It started with this “In the deepest depths of our being as well as the shallowest shallows we are by nature altruistic. A tremendous amount of anthropological research and evidence strongly proves this.” We need no government to force altruism upon us. We need no money either. We just need each other in our natural state without all these delusions clogging up our minds. We must trust in our nature.

Perez Gomez fronts Nahuatl Sound System on melodica, bass, programming and synths. On a vihuela is Alejandro Espino Aldana. There is Andrew Darling on trumpet, Andre Lobanov on trombone, on charango is Sergio Tourn and on percussion is John Casallas.

There are three very different remixes of the title track Ueliti Yaotl. First is a spacey dubbed remix by LowMan. Eckul takes it to a deeply beautiful technological level. My boy Intiche brings in the minimal Andino cumbia for the last remix. Then EP ends with a nice dub jam outro.

According to Nahuatl Sound System this was made with hope.

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