I was sitting down the other night thinking about this whole recent trap trend thing happening and had a discussion with Riot Earp about it a little. Now I am not a big fan of trap probably dealing with my lack of attraction to a lot of hip hop, not all but over-all it’s simply just not what I’m into. Of course my opinion of trap doesn’t matter so don’t take what I’m writing here as my attempt to express what I think.

Riot Earp was just putting the last finishing touches on his new baile funk track “Whistle It”. I’ll get to that in a moment. First I’d like to share our discussion (of course with his permission). Now I’m going to come off a bit bad at the beginning with my whole “everyone jumps on trends” remarks but Riot Earp puts me in my place immediately (I love when people can change my opinions with strong points).

El Guero: Does the new trap trend/craze bug you yet?

Riot Earp: I mean yea and no. I like new styles and I like the way it sounds because I’ve enjoyed that style of production from hip hop for a while but some of the remixes people are doing I don’t like.

El Guero: (Here comes my high and mighty know-it-all remark) I don’t really care for it but I’m not a big hip hop fan anyway. It always does annoy me a little though when I start seeing the usual suspects jump on the wagon for fear of not being in the limelight anymore. At least that’s what i get from it.

Riot Earp: (Schooling me) I think that’s a valid point but if your a young person in the game trying to make electronic music now I think you just have to be prepared to make a few different styles and have all of them be good. I think the expectations people have for anyone knew is to be somewhat better in their minds than something they are already listening too. So if your a kid and think that all I’ll ever make is dubstep than I don’t think you’ll ever have a fair chance. But I think that’s just the way it is for some people now a days. Granted you’ll always have these random kids who can only make this one style and its genius but the Internet community I think demands more. It’s this never able to be satisfied beast.

El Guero: (See I’m a good logical minded person that can take correction) You’re right. You’re looking at it from all the angles. Perhaps I’m doing that old man thing of being annoyed all the time (I was really just feeling annoyed at that particular moment).

Riot Earp: I think older heads are used to really supporting one style. Its real for them. But these 20-year-old cats don’t have that identity and their fan-base doesn’t give a shit if they are deep house lovers or play breaks only. The Internet is where kids now a days hear allllll kinds of electronic music. But when i was a kid you have to buy mixes, records or go to raves. And back than each DJ played their own niche. These days kids hear electronic music styles everywhere every second and I don’t think they hold onto the purist things as much as older cats do. I just thought these were good points and observations shared from my good friend out here Riot Earp.

Now here is his new Baile Funk track with a commentary following.


Riot Earp: I’m not even looking to blow people’s minds. I just wanna make     tracks to which people say … “damn I can use this”. I’d rather be known as that guy who tried a lot of things and they were pretty well rounded, enough to use. If you can use the song in a set than I think I did my job.

El Guero: I’ve noticed that a lot with you and Melo. Your stuff mixes in so easily and fits well.

Riot Earp: Man if I can keep doing that I’m happy. Since I know I’m getting better I’m not too worried as long as i put real work into the remixes / edits or whatever.

If I can use my own song in a set than I’m happy. I’ve made plenty of tunes I never play. I’m trying to get away from that.

Wise words from the gunslinga Riot Earp.

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