New free DL EP right here from Coopz Mucksion which is well worth checking out.

Contuinuing the dark vein of soundsystem culture explored by the likes of Genaside II in the 90s and King Midas Sound more recently (Lickkle Weed Pun Me is especially Midasesque in its spacious, sinister vibe & monotone toasting (monotoast?)). Dubstep deeply rooted in real dub – both as a noun and a verb – and with strong sci-fi leanings too, breaking out the bladerunner pads towards the end of the EP (not to mention the autotune on Changes turned all the way up to completely insane which I’ve only heard before from the certifiable Word Munchaz).

DOWNLOAD: Coopz Mucksion – Choong Farda EP

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