My dude Vince aka Drvg Cvltvre posted this mix on his facebook page and I know whenever he posts a mix, it’s always well worth checking out.

So I proceeded to check this out and tbh I didn’t like the first track at all and wasn’t going to bother to listen to the rest of it but I persisted cause Vince posted it and so there must be “something” about it!!!

I’m glad I persisted though cause albeit I found the first 40 minutes ok but pretty pedestrian, it really notches up a few gears at around the 40 minute mark when that DESTRUCTO track kicks in….OMFG….and for the last 30 minutes or so I was SOLD!!!…SOLD BIG TIME!

The last 30 minutes or so might just have inspired me to get back into House in a big way!

Check it out for yourself here at The Fact Mag:

FACT MIX 337: Tensnake

01 Sugardaddy – ‘How Long’ (Tensnake re-work)
02 Kenton Slash Demon – “Sun”
03 Sailor & I  – “Tough Love” (Aril Brikha remix)
04 Flight Facilities – “With You” (David August remix)
05 Larmon – “Wowshit”
06 Mr Oizo – “Toodoo”
07 Stevie V – “Dirty Cash”
08 Julio Bashmore – “Au Seve”
09 Disclosure – “My Intention is War”
10 Shadow Child – “So High”
11 Hot Chip – “Night And Day” (Dusky remix)
12 Destructo – “LA Funky”
13 Nathan Barato – “Back Up Queen”
14 Björk – “Big Time Sensuality” (Christophe R edit)
15 Global Communication – “The Way”
16 Lauer – “Trainman” (Tensnake Tranceman remix)

Grab this cool Talk Talk Tensnake freebie here:

And these 2 tracks from the mix are just BLINDIN’:

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