What an incredible week we’ve been having in the “free world”, well it is free we just don’t see it that way due to our massive delusional dream (nightmare) the world’s population has been having for centuries (the more deeper sleepers are in the “1st” world nations of course). Mad props however are due to my brothers and sisters in Mexico. Forming the largest protest this world has ever seen. It’s incredible and honestly I thought I might never see it happen even though the media ridiculously shunned it. Don’t worry they’re just monster bastards anyway, you don’t want the media as your friend. We here on blogs and Facebook and various other online sources are the true media anyway.

Spain is entering its newest civil war as I write this. The U.S. of A. is unfortunately too busy playing political mind games with it’s citizens for the new election year while ‘fingers crossed’ our Nobel Peace Prize award winning president takes the “human element” out of slaughter with his Nobel Peace Prize drone attacks (by the way on a side-note one of the BIG factors for him “winning” the prize was due to his peaceful policies of reaching out to the Muslim world). It’s all just a big HYPOCRITICAL fuck as usual.

A lot of us living and working in the free world putting into action the belief of Yes We Can with enough HOPE, are doing our best to survive and progress the world into a positive existence. Well that is if they never end up being successful in blocking and controlling the Internet.

With much respect to Mexico I’ll start out with our innovative Mexicano producers rocking the nu cumbia scene.

Augustin Sound System is growing into a seriously good producer these days. Here he is with a really cool edit of No Podras. He makes a simple tune come to life with his cumbia touch.


Another one from Augustin Sound System won me over with mixing in Caifanes with him mash-edit cumbia Oh Mama Es Cumbia. This is straight up Mexicano through and through.


Yelram Selectah is another leader of innovative cumbia and tribal styles. I’m definitely going to be mixing this one in soon. He put together this dope We Are Fun cumbia edit.


Yelram Selectah shows his serious Mexicano roots in La Cumbia Del Pueblo, another piece of the Yelram sound puzzle.


There is a seriously good album you must check out from Panamérika called Centaurus Pacifico. It’s a really good cumbia digital album and I’ll bring more attention to it this next week. I’m going to post the fourth track from it. It’s really really good!


From Mexico to Barcelona we move with SuperPendejos (David Miret’s roots are Mexicano).  First off Steel Pulse is my favorite reggae band of all time so it’s cool as hell to hear them as a cumbia reggae. Much thanks goes to SuperPendejos for making this happen in a beautiful way.


In Madrid hopefully not under attack, is the DJ KayGee. He runs a weekly show called La Selva Show. You have to follow their FaceBook page to know when they’re going on. It’s a cool show though featuring a variety of genres, cumbia being one of them. With respect to a lot of the producers and DJ’s promoted here on SSC he made a mix of some of his favorite tracks.


Athens has seen its share of economic horror these past couple of years. Everyone was afraid of following them but it looks like most of us are following suit. Over there still alive and well is Abtomic. He released a new EP called Tropicalholic recently, which I’ll share here, but first here he is re-working Los Mirlos.


Tropicalholic is free for downloading. Abtomic visits some of his favorite tropical bass tunes with breaks and hip hop edits.

Since I touched on the Peruvian sounds just now it seems only fit to go there with Andean Illicit. Making a deep deep deep cumbia original called Cumbia Illicita, Andean Illicit reaches out to new fusion depths.


Dengue Dengue Dengue! is the duo that always brings me much enjoyment with their edits, originals, mixes and remixes. Here they dive into a re-fix of the Julieta con Los Nuñez tune Viernes Cultural. They bring their unique touch once again.


Tribilin Sound is another great producer in Peru. Every time I see a Tribilin Sound remix, edit or original online I always go straight to it immediately. This is a very unique edit of Los Titanes’ classic Linda Yolita.


Maria Sonora is back on the scene. I haven’t seen Maria for quite some time so it’s especially nice. I’m sure most of you know Maria Sonora, still I would love to share some tracks I dig a lot.

These are remixes of Tirana. First is a juke-cumbia track remix that’s really dope.


And another remix of Tirana electro-cumbia-wobble style by Chelo Scotti.


Last up is Ven A La Subasta a nice electro digital cumbia.


Here is a crazy yet interesting cumbia track from Buenos Aires resident Sonidero Simon. Vamo De Paseo is a weird little thing.


DJ Rickk makes his debut here on SSC and I’m going to go a bit crazy posting his stuff. His edits and mashups are really dope!

First his edit of Viva El Amor by Los Bukis is really cool.


Next he touches on La Sonora Dinamita.


My favorite is his Adele edit. It’s really good and perfect for mixing.


Last up is a Los Mirlos and Bangles cumbia mashup.


Next Tuesday is a special day for Dialect Trio and NCE. Matthew Mansfield and I have been putting together a remix album for a few months now for Dialect Trio’s LP that was released earlier this year. The remix album is finished and features many big names from dub, nu cumbia, reggae among others. Keep an eye out for it this Tuesday from Nu Cumbia Experience. I have one track to leak for it this weekend from Al Pacheco!


Well there’s so much fighting going on so I don’t want to say keep fighting but instead keep loving and fight only if you really must. I think we’ll get through all this government nonsense. The only good government is no government at all.


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