I had a luck to meet the Midget Ninjas on my recent trip to Russia. They`re the biggest promoters, producers and DJ`s when it comes to Tropical Bass in Moscow (check their Soviet Bass stuff HERE). One of the ninja guys, Chuck Upbeat, has recently made an full-length tropical bass free album that has been pretty much unnoticed in the blogosphere. Well, we`re about to change that. First of all, let`s check what they have to say:

“Chuck Upbeat is one of the Russian tropical bass pioneers. A dj, a sound producer and a co-owner of Midget Ninjas Soundsystem which is both community and an independent midget record label releasing EPs, mixtapes and singles. Find out how many midget ninjas does it take to make a soundsystem on our facebook page. 

During two years and a half Chuck Upbeat together with Groove Daddy held lots of events showing tropical underground music to Russian clubbers. His performance is always about making people not just dance but totally being out of chain on the dance floor.

Chuck Upbeat’s discography counts lots of remixes released when he was starting his sound production experience. Well, can’t say that music was amazing but definitely original and crazy.

This year Chuck Upbeat released his first album. It is considered to be the first Russian tropical bass album. Chuck’s been making it for about two years. The album is called “Just In Case Of Tropical Bass”. Actually it is a box containing 20 tracks which can be downloaded absolutely free cause Midget Ninjas insist that underground music is free. So U cannot pay for it and U cannot control it.

The genres Chuck Upbeat used in his album can be described as tropical dubstep, getto funk with d&b and big beat elements, of course a little bit of moombah but not really much and some kind of tropical dance music. U will also hear lots of Brazillian baile funk samples and Jamaican drops. The album’s great goal is to make U feel the right atmosphere of tropical party.”

Ok, and the sound is right here, enjoy this great free release:

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