The Beach Boys are one of my all time fave bands and there’s a great cover & some remixes of their Kokomo track on this EP by this dude from Ireland who we’ve posted some cumbia stuff from in the past.  The El Buho remix is a particular stand out for me!

The only snag is that you have to like his label page to cop the free download, which imho, is a bit shit but everybody seems to be doing it nowadays, which is a bit sad.  I mean it’s not too bad if you’re asked to like a page voluntarily in addition to grabbing a free download but to be forced to like a page in order to grab a free download is a bit like begging a girl who doesn’t find you attractive to date you!  Surely, a like should be based upon a voluntary process and, if it is, it is a genuine and sincere like as opposed to a forced fake one.  Suppose you could always unlike after grabbing the freebie, which defeats the whole purpose but also makes a point.

But don’t let that put you off downloading it cause it’s most certainly worth it if you luv the Beach Boys cause the covers are pretty wikkid.

Stream here:

Do the DIRTY DEED HERE to download!

Watch a great vid here:

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