Remember the time when not everyone was a DJ? Neither do I. That is such the case these days, whether it’s fortunate or unfortunate is highly subjective.

Despite my exaggerated point the truth is there still are plenty of interesting musicians and producers out there. One in particular is Filastine consisting of the recently mentioned Nova Ruth and Grey Filastine. Mixing elements of glitch, dub step, Middle Eastern and Asian sounds, Filastine is one of the most interesting and original sounding acts out there in the Global Bass phenomena. Behind the curtains is also the quickly growing and one of the more promising labels Post World Industries.

Here is a new video promoting a bit of the Filastine experience edited by Siobhan Mckeown.

Filastine also launched an excellent outlet store making it easy to purchase merchandise and even older CD’s. Check it out here!

Also here’s a cool little video Nova Ruth put together showcasing the vibes and sounds of their time recently in Cairo.

And just one more to show them together closer up on the roof of their studio in Barcelona.

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