It’s been a while I’ve posted here, but always happy to return and write about good sounds and other creative spheres.
Maga Bo has started a new kickstarter project, together with VJ M from the Rebel Up! crew. The goal of the project is fund the making of a live video engine for the performance of Maga Bo and two music video’s for the songs ‘Galope’ and ‘Xororô’ from his latest album ‘Quilombo do Futuro’. Here’s what they got to say about it:

For the music video’s, we will seek out and contrast stark contrasts in the city Rio de Janeiro to reflect our age’s wider condition of the unequal distribution of wealth. This is especially visible in the favelas, shanty-towns consisting of improvised dwellings, known in the West mainly through connotations of poverty and social problems.
Rio’s favelas, however, are also vibrant centers of creativity – many of Brazil’s most legendary samba schools originated in the favelas, as did today’s baile funk style. We want to capture the diversity and contrasts of life in Rio in an investigative manner, portraying both the hopes and dilemmas of contemporary life in the city.

Besides the music video’s, VJ M will be laying the foundation for a Max/MSP live video engine to be integrated with Maga Bo’s Ableton Live audio set. By layering audio and video tracks, Maga Bo’s live improvisations will extend to the visual realm, allowing an instantaneous integration of video material generated during Maga Bo’s travels around the globe.

Here’s a video about the making of Maga Bo’s album ‘Quilombo do Futuro’

The Making of Maga Bo’s New Album ‘Quolimbo do Futuro’ from Maarten van der Glas on Vimeo.

Get all the info on their kickstarter project page. Support your global artists and donate whatever you can. All small bits together make it possible for big things to happen! 🙂

Thank you all in advance, here’s a free download of a fine song from ‘Quilombo do Futuro’.

Also check out El Guero Unico’s june blog post about Maga Bo’s ‘Quilombo Futuro Remixed’ album, another cracking work by all the artists involved.

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