Contrary to popular belief money is not the root of all evil. No, the belief that money has value is the root of all evil. The belief is where it all begins. All the stress, the desire to always ‘one-up’ your friends and the judgment based on the car you drive and the home you live in are all effects of the undying craving for more money. This is why I am thoroughly convinced that the best example of the ‘American Dream’ (the most common American Dream anyway) is the pyramid scheme. “Be your own boss.” “Make six figures a month in no time.” “It’s so easy!” I’m here to inform you (if you haven’t figured it out yet) that it isn’t that easy. Also it’s not even worth it if you do make it. It’s a philosophical idea come to fruition. If I can convince enough people that something is valuable then I can control everyone. There are a few successful at doing this and trust me they are not open to sharing nor will they ever. So forget all that noise about money.

Next up is fame, that nasty little bugger that seems to get the best of us. There are approximately seven billion people on this planet and each and every one of us is the center of the universe. If only more people knew about each of us…  “Look at me! Look at me!” “Look at what I can do!” This theme is ever present in the world of music. “With the help of ‘God’ I know I can make it big! Big like I deserve.”

If I had big influence in the mainstream (just another stream) music industry then I would be able to make anyone a superstar.  If they can convince us that Britney has talent and is worth our money and time then I am positive I can do it with anyone if I was one of them. Well much to my satisfaction I’m not one of them. I get to work with the music I actually like. I get to promote the people that I feel are talented. I am quite pleased with this fact actually. This fame bug is ever present even in the numerous microcosmic Facebook groups where too many get carried away forgetting that world is actually much bigger than they are aware.

I say this with a sense of pride.  The pride is due to the fact that I rarely see this with the cumbieros. For us it is all about the pleasure. It’s a lifestyle. If cumbia is big news or if it’s not it won’t change our motivation to keep at it with the same gusto as always. A labor of love some might say and those some will be correct. My recent example for this truth is found on my Nu Cumbia Experience blog where my friend Matthew Mansfield and I put together a remix project for his brilliant non-fame nor fortune-seeking band Dialect Trio.  Many great talents answered the call and all I can say is that so far it’s been overwhelming success. Free downloads, no pay, just love for music, love for cumbia. I knew it was in everyone to share openly and at most just asking for respect in return. My assumption was correct.

With a heavy heart and much regret I didn’t make it to the LAMC (Latin Alternative Music Conference) last week. I’m envious of all those that did end up going. DJ Gozar is among them. A strong member of the LA based Subseulo crew, DJ Gozar put together a special mix celebrating the positivity of the conference.

Cumbia + drugs + rock and roll? All three please if you don’t mind. Thanks Awesome DJ’s!

Okay their name is a spoiler alert in itself. Awesome DJ’s are bringing something nu to nu cumbia and it is punk, a whole lot of who gives and awesomeness (their name as I mentioned will give it away). Here they are with a cumbia edit of The Cramps Human Fly.

One of the more interesting tunes to hit the Internet clouds this past week is from Tu Guaina. He produced one of the better cumbia-dubstep combinations I’ve heard. He really gets creative with they rhythms throughout consistently keeping the listener listening.

Captain Cumbia calls his sparring partner Pedrolito out on the final round of their epic cumbia soundclash. Next week I’ll get more into this but for right now here is the final attack from Captain Cumbia.

More tribal dopeness comes from Mr. Kanti W. with his really excellent track The Mixters. This is just a teaser of things to come soon. It delivers well with the teasing.

I’m a downer kind of guy myself if you catch my drift. If you’re not then I advise you to kick back and drink some wine while listening to this new tune from Wuiro Funk. Chill cumbia and Peru is a perfect combination for a kick back atmosphere.

Pa Kongal was one of the many remixers to come on board the NCE/Dialect Trio project. He is one of the greatest remixers in the nu cumbia scene. He shows it with his wobbly Macumba cumbia edit. At 1:45 he gets me everytime (I think my computer’s fans are about to explode (I suggest wearing headphones to see what I mean)).

Japan NEVER ceases to amaze me. Not only did I discover the best movie ever made (House) but I also keep discovering their diverse music scene. The took on pop music with a force un paralleled, the did the same with goth and new wave music and you might have guessed they have also done it with tropical music like cumbia and reggae. Rojo Regalo but together this sampler which helps me tremendously in showing you exactly what I mean.

Chicha rebajada comes out perfect for the psychedelic in you. Check out this track by Rebel Up! There’s a whole collection of chill rebajada edits under the account.

This is really a chill vibe of a post this week. I wonder what was in everyone’s water. For me it’s great as I like the chill side of music most of all. El Mulato delivers his take on all things chill with this trippy cumbia.

In true Peruvian fashion Petardo remixes a classic with underground electronica for his cumbia dub club. Let this sink into your brain stem.

Oh man it had to be done! Two of Colombia’s brightest came together. Dany F with his deep cumbia and Bleepolar with his digital goodness. Together they collaborated on this Carribean lo-fi cumbia.

To pick up the energy I have DJ Mix-I-Can with his volume six nu cumbia mix featuring several tracks I’ve posted here recently.

It has entered my mind several times to feature more modern Sonideras here on SSC. Believe it or not these are the cumbias I hear most and are abundant in my neighborhood. At all the gas (petrol) stations you can pick up the newest albums of Sonidera bands. To be honest I love most of them. And anyone in my city knows that this stuff is massive in the Latino based bars and clubs. Less then one mile from my house is a huge country music club/bar, and I mean big stage and a bar shaped like a giant guitar as well as one of the nicest VIP rooms I’ve ever seen. Well every Thursday night they have cumbia. Featuring new live Sonidera bands and DJ’s. It’s a real pleasure for me to hang out and bask in this music even though I know the majority of the patrons wouldn’t consider anything on SSC to be even close to being cumbia (they just haven’t been bit by the nu cumbia bug yet). Here is a mix of Sonideras for those with no idea as to what I’m referring to. I have hundreds of these on my hard drive.

The last mix I have for you dear readers is from Australian Faby sr.Bolivar. It’s a truly wonderful mix featuring a lot of uniquely different tracks.

When Club De Baile CD´M meets with boredom good things happen for the rest of us. He has a unique take on mixing cumbia and other genres. They are all interesting trips.

I’ll end this post with the last of the remixers to come on board with us on the NCE/Dialect Trio remix project. Augustin Sound System is the man and his cumbia remix of Cumbiarus is very special to me. In a really short period of time he managed to produce this excellent remix.

Peace mis cumbieros

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