this week: Monkey Steak with the perfect soca soundtrack to the blazing sunshine we’re being treated to in the UK this week, Demdike Stare with some super sinister soundscapes and Jumping Back Slash with some super tasty Kwaito based bass…

Monkey Steak

30 minutes of PURE POWER SOCA from the steak house boys. wine up in the sunshine yo!

Demdike Stare

Pure brilliance again from Demdike Stare. Not gonna try to describe this or list genres, but this is (for the most part) for listening, not dancing. A sinister musical tale being told.

Heldon – excerpt from Heldon Third – Disjuncta
Shiver – Future World intro &rt; Metro – Angel Of Mercy (Loop) – Nu-Groove
?? – Private Life remake- MASK 400
Ennio Morricone – Prayer (Conroy)
Dia Prometido – Ruisenor Persa – Philips
Random Library 1
Bernard Bonnier – Vero La Toto – Amaryllis
Mal Waldron – Thoughts – Japo
Demdike Stare – Unreleased
Gherkin Jerks – from Stomp The Beat – Gherkin Records
Fabio Fabor – Melos e Psiche &rt; Julia Holter excerpt
Nate Young – Regression – NNA
Random Library 2
Random Library 3
Leila – How do you want it? – Rephlex
Atmo – Subaquatic – Orly
Julia Holter – Goddess Eyes – Leaving Records
Demdike Stare – Kommunion
Ian Carr & Don Rendell Quintet- Dusk Fire (Excerpt and edit)

Jumping Back Slash

An hour of JBS’ unique AfroTroniKwaito sounds. deep/psychedelic/spacious/chunky. Lush afro depth charge. The bass that comes in at about 55.50: I melted. I dissolved. I’m in a bass solution right now. Incredible.

Holding On
Deep Inside (Your Love)
Streatham Zulu
Soweto Acid
Ibhithi Six
Running Back Part 2
Black Sugar
Ibhithi Seven
I’m So Confused (Dub)
Knowledge Be Your Power
Running Back (Dub)

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