Don’t know how we missed this one!!!  It was released in April of this year.

There’s a huge distance between Japan (from where it is said that this compilation originates) & Chicago (from where the Juke/Footwork genre originates) and that distance becomes even more evident when one listens to this release.

I’m not sure if all of the tracks here are actually by a range of Japanese artists, or a dude or a couple of dudes, pretending to be different artists.

I’m not sure if this is a cheap attempt at cashing in on the genre?

So in these times of super-paranoia and conspiracy theories and fabricated genres (seapunk), of course I am a little suspicious about the truth of this compilation.

If it’s a genuine attempt by a host of Japanese Jukesters to showcase their take on this genre, then their valiant attempts ought to be applauded but they have a little way to go to reach or over-take the dizzying heights of Chi-Town Jukesters.

If it is a disingenuous compilation trying to be clever, then you been rumbled mate and the productions are good but the second part of the Compilation require a lot more work and effort and so does your strategy to fool peeps!

All in all, worth exploring, for either of the above reasons.

Cop it for free from his/their bandcamp!

File 1(Tr1~22)
File 2(Tr23~45)

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