Over the last couple of years my friend HERR MULLER has dropped some really nice stuff, always balancing on the line between listening and dancing music. Of course he dropped a really sick EP on Generation Bass Digi, in fact, our very first release! Not just because we know the dude, but mostly because the tracks are really bangin’. He’s always been into hiphjop and funk though and with his latest incarnation as THE INSURGENT he’s given in to his lifelong ambitions to just produce straight up hiphop. Good thing that his version of straight up hiphop is not as average and boring sounding as all the other recent hiphop stuff… The Throne? I mean, come on…

So here’s a bunch of remixes and tracks my man dropped the last couple of months and I’ve installed a soundcloud page for the dude, so you can easily peep and download everything on there. show some love mane. Cause its some real good, solid production coming your way…!

his older stuff:

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