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This week I wish to ask questions of you dear readers. It won’t receive a simple one or two word answer but please comment and let me know what your thoughts are.

There is a lot of concern these days among producers and DJ’s about making money in the music industry doing what they do. How do you see this? One thing I want to point out is that the music industry is still a new industry. Unlike law, building, masonry, and farming among many others, music has within the last 100 years had an industry created around it. Now that this industry has gone through a massive change due to the various dealings with modern technology i.e. recording, file sharing, digital labels and blogs, is it so bad that it moves back into a direction of where music is an art used for personal expression and joy? Sure there were maestros commissioned by kings and churches to compose pieces in their honor but as for the majority of minstrels it was a lower paying career where they traveled with fairs or just a gig during social gatherings. In the 20th century did we spoil the musicians with entitlements and offers and promises of great wealth? Now that the industry has changed so dramatically does it seem that people are hung up on now outdated industry entitlements? Do you see it as a way for people to connect more? Will it be that when once the industry of the past 100 years completely disappears there will be no more delusions and the people left standing will provide great quality music as their labor of love? Is this a way for cleaning house of all the wannabes? Or do you see it continuing to be dominated by mainstream club culture (the industry’s last hope)?

Lots of questions but I’m interested to hear what many of you think.

As for the cumbia here this week I can be quite sure they were all produced as labors of love. Captain Cumbia and Pedrolito Radioglobal show the great joy to be had with music production and performance. They wrapped up their big soundclash cumbia contest this past week. Here is a rather excellent epilogue.

Aro1984 put together a really cool mixtape of nu cumbia from the past and recently released. Some of my old favorites on here.

Not only did he provide the art for this post but Tu Guaina is featured here too. With his experimental digital cumbia laptop love productions fortunately being released at a good steady pace, he pushes the sounds of cumbia to whole new depths.

This came out hilarious to me but also awesome. It’s a mashup of craziness.

Augustine Sound System took this all-too-familiar Norteno and created a fun piece.

Albert DJ is another one of our favorite cumbieros taking the classics of cumbia into the new generations and we can always rely on him to do it honorably.

Taking us on a galactic cumbia trip is none other than Arun y la Cumbia.

Yelram Selectah takes on another massive sonidera hit with his cumbiathon remix of El Paso De Gigante.

With his hip hop tendencies DJ Neber is always making the dopest cumbia edits. Here is his new track we must all download if we want to be cool.

Deep in the darkest places of our cumbia souls there are sounds that H.D.L.T. has mastered bringing to the light of day. H.D.L.T. is always going to be among my favorites as I anxiously am awaiting every new track he produces.

Add On de Bass mashes cumbia to drum and bass better than anyone I can think of. Here is his work with Molotov to show you his style.

This beautiful remix of this beautiful song by Watcha Clan comes from the hands of Andres Digital.

It was exciting to see Sonora return with more nu cumbia this week. And he came back strong just as we expected him to.

I know I have been posting a lot of Los Mirlos edits on here lately but I can’t help it. I have another one from pe.garcia. with a dope edit with Ghost Face Killah and it came out really awesome.

Some recent love has been shown for Colombia’s independence day last week. A mixtape from Jack Posada is just the perfect thing for the job.

Gnotes edit Canto A Cartegena is really cool with all the added percussion and bass lines.

Disco Movil Rumbatron put together this mixtape of old and new cumbia from his time at Santa Leyenda Bar in Mexico DF.

Last up is a very different mixtape mostly focusing on digital elements and live bands. It’s from Vinzdegar. There are some really cool tracks on here.

That about does it this week. Please let me know your thoughts on the music industry and if you would like to add more by telling your story of how you earn money while producing and DJ’ing.


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