So we’re gonna be trawling through our archives to find what we consider to be some of our classic posts, which should highlight just how influential we might have been in the past 4 years!!

So as a blog, we were one of the first who started to shed some real light on Drumstep in April 2010.  This led to a whole series of Drumstep Friday Posts that I started to do (some featuring Brian Viveros artwork).

The very next day after we posted this, a couple of Drumstep pages started to appear on Facebook, some dude from Serbia  set up a Drumstep page on Facebook and within 6 hours there was around 1000 members!!!!

A Drumstep Forum was shortly created thereafter and the guy running it didn’t have a clue about doing his own posts and so he wanted to duplicate our posts and so I use to send them to him.  A whole new batch of drumstep material started appearing, which continues to this very day and indeed it seems to be gaining more momentum as time goes on!

See the original Post here but it is reproduced below!

Generation Bass Classic Post : 30 April 2010:



A sub genre of drum and bass where the beat structure is “half time” but the remaining elements still adhere to the usual tempo and melody pattern style

“Just left the studio session with excision downlink and evol intent!! Started on some heavyyyy drumstep :)” – DATSIK

“Drumstep is basically half tempo dnb”

“Same bpm as dnb but same techniques as dubstep ….hence Drum-step”

“Drumstep is taking the double time theory and applying it to DNB…. example: 140bpms feels like 70bpms in dubstep, drumstep is something like 180bpms but feels like 90bpms…. someone correct me if im wrong here… a perfect example would be the “Quarks” song by Dirty Phonics”

“I meant half time, i dont know what i was thinking, too much music theory runnin through my head….and Arron Silverstien, The middle part off Against the Machines is Drumstep i believe, its a 3 part song basically with 3 distinctively different drops.”


So, any of you guys interested in producing tunes in this genre?just uploaded a mix to get you heated.

Description: Minimix by bilsiactracklist1. Eggchan – On the road now2. Skream – Midnight request line (zinc rmx)3. Bilsiac – We control it4. Dj Hazard – wicked so5. Bilsiac – Blood on the line6. Bilsiac – Lonely Department7. Jazzsteppa – Two

Euhm…I may be wrong but…isn’t it just dubstep tracks remixed into DnB?

No need to call it Drumstep…

don’t want to call it drumstep either, but there is a clear difference between regular drumnbass and this genre.  Whatever it’s called, i love to mix it, and id love to have some more tracks like this.

Wtf are you talking about? This is just drum and bass, what is this clear difference you talking about? Is it because of the snare? Is it because it isn’t using the generic amen break style beat? This is silliness!

Ok its drumnbass, the snare is just repeated half the time it is used in regular dnb.  i think it gives a new perspective. btw check out this topic since there are also people who think it is not just clear dnb


Also the snare is in between where the 2 generic snares would be which gives it the generic dubstep swing. I do like it don’t get me wrong but at the end of the day it’s just another style of drum and bass in my opinion. Didn’t read anyone calling this Drumstep in that thread?

why the fuss over a word?  its just music

Isn’t this just dubstep at 170 bpm? That’s that that’s bad.

Sometimes you have to speed things up a bit, like something I vaguely remember “Wouldn’t it be terrible if Led Zeppelin made all their song at 140 bpm?”.

god, get it right boys, half step dnb is basically hip hop.


I do quite like returning to some hip hop vibes though, as I was mainly into hip hop when I started producing.

These are a couple of my “drumstep” attempts…

We Don’t Care by J-One

Tears by J-One

I won’t say what it is, but it is at 170 bpm. Check it out!

Grooki – Electron by Grooki

Mellodrone by Blánca

Blánca – Clocks (Clip) by Blánca


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