MoombAnomali : SuperMoombahNova!

Another new release dropping soon on Generation Bass from our dude Okulus Anomali.

Taking Moombahton in sweet new directions!

MoombAnomali – Okulus Anomali feat vocals by The Beast
Moombahnova / Moombahton / Moombahsoul / Moombahjazz / Bossa Nova


[Photo’s by Hassan Hajjaj – (Adapted by me)]

So I’ve been digging up some old mixes, some of which stem back to before I had even dj’ed out live and I’m gonna start off with some of my old Electronic Arabia mixes.

These mixes go back to my pre-DJ days, yes before I had ever actually dj’ed out live in a club or bar, back in 2001, when I use to do lil’ mixtapes at home on my CD recorder and thank god for CD recorders!

I have been getting back into Arabic/Islamic vybz recently and trawled thru my back catalogue of mixes stored on CD and found a few. These are the first, more to come.

Me before I was a DJ and I’ve kinda come full circle cause I’m back to the same place now, as I am no longer a club/bar dj anymore!

The transitions are NOT great and so don’t expect any beat-matching or clever tricks but the music flows and that’s what counts, I guess!

Western influenced Middle Eastern/Arabic beats, 2001 circa!

This is NOT the kinda stuff I would play to Arabic crowds, it is made up of western electronic beats, diluted & made palatable for a western audience!

I would drop rai, chaabi or arabic pop for arabic crowds depending upon their composition

Big apologies, can’t remember the tracklist as I didn’t write it on the CD cover 🙁

This was pretty cutting edge in 2001!

Influenced by places like Momo’s Kemia Bar in London!


Don’t ask if it’s trap, just dance to it.

Released last month on Warp&LuckyMe Records, it would have been a shame not to talk about TNGHT. Hudson Mohawke and Lunice collab got us that great EP! It’s harsh, it hurts, it’s a musical threat. If you need to nail down kids to the dancefloor once for good, use that hammer !

Kendrick Lamar’s new release is expected on Oct. and i hope you’ve already listened to Swimming pools hundreds of time.

Brilliant lyrics, great flow. Kendrick makes rooms darker & pools deadlier than ever. (don’t ask me about that Lady G thing, don’t try to hurt my feelings ok ?)

That’s a big release ! Walmer Convenience&Futurobeat 15-track comp is hot, your decks need it !

Listen&grab the comp here !

Blues : universoul

Whether they all met the devil at a crossroad, or have been all broken-hearted the same way, i cannot say. One thing for sure blues has an immortal universal soul.

You might have wanted Robert Johnson to start with, that’ll be Skip James and his ramblin’ mind !

You can listen & grab the Paramount recording here, so enjoy yourself !

‘Devil Got My Woman’ SKIP JAMES

Goa has its bluesman in the name of Slow Joe. The coincidence, the “accident”, a 68-year-old man that never wanted to be a singer, but just sang because he loved it. Quite a story. Joe met by chance on a beach in Goa, former heroin addict, is now about to release his first album.

My name is Slow Joe

You of course know Gooffee from their moombah remix of Stevie Wonder’s Supertition or their “Colours that rave” released on the Moombah-Thong’s New Wave Vol. II.

The guys from Toronto had also worked on a quite uplifting remix of Johnny Cash’s cover of Personal Jesus.

Johnny Cash – Personal Jesus (Gooffee Remix)

The mysterious Goat Doctor and his wild moombahblues, a psychokiller imaginary character originated from the mind of Khevin de Leon, the man behind the 13th Tribe.

Goat Doctor-Chickens Comin Home To Roost

It would have been impossible to write a post about bass&blues without mentioning the great Lord Cry Cry !

Hands up ! It’s time for some good booty shaking and clapping !

Lord Cry Cry – I Got the Clap Induced Blues Momma

To finish with, a big up to Archie Cooper, great Canadian bass music producer and his work on John Lee Hooker.

You can listen&grab the entire work for free on his bandcamp !

All my sins – Archie Cooper


This awesome and totally unique Remixes EP of the ultra-gorgeous “Queen of the Game” track by the Anglo-Japanese, The Dolomites, will be out soon on Generation Bass Digital.

With massive remixes by a whole host of our carefully chosen and talented buddies:

Dot. AY. aka Alex Yabsley – Fitzroy, Victoria – Australia
Andy Kisaragi – Bristol , UK
Copia Doble Systema – Copenhagen, Denmark
DJ Delay – Berlin , Germany
Noms – Boston, USA
FlecK- Athens, Greece
Cy Kosis aka Jamaal Taylor – Los Angeles, CA – USA
Joro Boro – Queens, NY – USA

Taking in Chip Bass, Dubstep, Trap, Cumbia and Balkan amongst other stuff, this is one ESSENTIAL release that you need to have.

Cop a taster via the mini-mix, more info coming soon!

Vocal narration by Natsumi Suzuki

Grab a great freebie from Noms:

Trash Hop: DUBOKA ILEGALA Free Album!


Duboka Ilegala (deep ILLGL) is like the sound you’re getting when you’re standing between four Belgrade coffee-shops.”

You know trash-hop music genre? Or silverbeat? Drum`n`mind or chain-hop? Well these guys are the inventors of it all – Belgrader band Duboka Ilegala (or in English: Deep Illegal) has masterminded them a lil more than 10 years ago in Serbia.  Here`s some official info about them:

“Duboka Ilegala (deep ILLGL) are founders of trash-hop – a genre that mixes low and dark, live played trip-hop, with symbols and markers of Serbian trash-turbo culture. This is a band’s collection of songs they recorded in legendary studio of SKC Radio during it’s best period (2001-2005) before it was shut down. This harsh synthesis is closer to unique underground hip-hop expression than regular dj mixes.”

They made an album recently, produced by Serbian global bass duo ShazaLaKazoo and featuring various Belgrader instrumentalists such as Hornsman Coyote. And that`s all for free! Check it out:
[soundcloud url=”″ height=”200″ iframe=”true” /]


In the end, check out this dubsteppish remix of Serbian DJ/producer MKDSL of the 1st track of the album:

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]



My dude Higha Level sent me a link to this and I have yet to watch it all, I’ve got about half-way through it and I’ve found it pretty interesting.  It’s a kinda history (incomplete) mainly from a UK perspective!

Thus far, not one mention of that awful term “EDM” to rival one other awful term of all times (World Music)!!!


Behind the stage alias Trolley Snatcha stands the Brittish dubstep record producer and DJ, Zack Kemp. This multi talented Dubstep making machine started his musical career playing the guitar to “impress girls” but soon transitioned into electronic and bass-led music. Ever since he entered the Dubstep scene in 2009 his trademark characteristic heavy electronic bass mixed with more harmonious original influences has earned him a given spot on stages across the world.

Grab the free EP from Scion

Watch the great new video: