There’s a lot of talk about Moombahton being dead!

Well, I disagree.  Yes, Trap is the current IN THING and it holds some potential excitement for the future but there’s only a handful of producers making anything worthy to pay attention to at the present time, a bit like Moombahton in the early days.

I do accept that some of the initial excitement and interest for Moombahton has indeed faded and innovation nowadays is little, and far between a lot of mediocrity, but that’s always been the case with a whole host of genres.

The problem is though that many of the Moombahtonista’s went for the multi-genre, I’m the jack of all trades route. Nothing wrong with this, as I, myself, as a DJ (& not producer) have been doing the Electronic Dance multi-genre thing for almost 4 years and it’s an enjoyable thing.  However, the problem is that many producers move onto making other genres or sub-genres of music without even having tried to master the art of one.

Sometimes, the only way to master the art of one genre is to keep on making it, keep on improving it, seeing how far you can take it, stretching it as far as is possible both in terms of ideas and also production brilliance and technique.

As the cliche goes, “Practise makes Perfect”!

However, with Moombahton, a lot of producers gave up on the hard work for fear of being pidgeon-holed in one genre, to avoid being considered less relevant when that genre starts to tail off!  Either that or they just ran out of ideas!

So I suppose my point is, don’t give up on it just yet.  Many have fled the scene in favour of Trap but those who remain now have an opportunity to shine and to show what further capabilities Moombahton has left within it to stand side by side with some of the more seasoned and established genres.

So is Moombahton dead, nah, it’s just taking a bit of a breather!  I hope 🙂

Let’s hope some of the following releases can back up my statement that Moombahton ain’t dead!

Judge for yourself!

A series, concept, idea, that we gave birth to, The New Wave Of Moombahton!

The idea behind it was to ensure that new Moombahton producers managed to drive things forward with each new release featuring an array of new talent to demonstrate the continuing development of this new genre.

Here we are now with Volume 4 put together by Moomba+.

Well, the cover artwork doesn’t fill me with any excitement, it is a bit lazy but it’s only the cover.

The contents sound pretty good though and so job very well done, Moomba+.

Here’s the mix:

Here’s the PR:

The torch of the New Wave of Moombahton compilation series hasn’t been any brighter. Passed down by Walmer Convenience back in May, Moomba+ scoured the net and opened its dropbox for anyone creative enough to be part of this seasonal tradition. Many have submitted and little over a handful were selected. Each bringing their own sound and expression to Moombahton. The 12 artists in this compilation come from different backgrounds and bring something unique. Some of these artist might sound familiar to you, others you might have just discovered them. This is not just an ordinary compilation that accepted anything that came into the dropbox, but those that have put many hours designing their own sound to stand apart from everyone else.

Here’s the music:

Next onto one of the new Moombahtonista’s who is highly rated : Cy Kosis!

Up-and-coming LA producer Jamaal Taylor aka Cy Kosis comes through with a doozy of a debut for Think 2wice Records.  He has been gaining momentum over the past 12 months with his energetic take on moombahton, garnering support from the likes of Diplo, The Partysquad, ETC!ETC! and J-Trick.

For his first official release, he offers up 4 original tunes all aimed squarely at the dancefloor.  From the big room synth stabs of #Dope and Whoop to the more latin vibes of Guerreros Del Sol,  its clear Cy Kosis is making tunes for the peak of the night.  On remixes we have two excellent uptempo versions from Canadian Paul David and New Jersey based Aylen as well as a massive remix from Australian moombahton stalwart J-Trick.

#Dope is available now through all fine digital retailers.

Beatport / Juno / Amazon

Onto Don Valdez who just sent me this saying:

“a little unorthodox with no promo, i know.. but i also decided to make it a free release. it’s kind of like tech-inspired moombahton”

That sounds good to me!

Download all three tracks here, full quality, and free:

Finally onto our dude, Oktored and this is hilarious!

So i did an interview and “performance” on a really really cheesy public access show in my area… the dude interviews pretty much anyone who hits him up and if you are a musician he will let you do a “live” performance at the end of the which usually entails some really horrible lo-fi green screen action… so i signed up haha… here is the out come… keep in mind that i didn’t really perform anything live and he for some reason couldn’t get the song synced up or the full audio even though sent him a full quality wav file… this shit is toooo ridiculous…

So is Moombahton dead?

Judging by the way that dude is dancing in that Oktored video, Nah, of course it ain’t!

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