I have yet to meet someone in the music business that works harder than Matthew Mansfield of Dialect Trio. He has many projects of his own always in the works and projects he’s either engineering or producing of other artists. Atlanta based Dialect Trio features Russ Bledsoe on guitar and percussion, Matthew Mansfield on bass, keys, auxiliary instruments and engineering, and Robby Astrove on drums.

Dialect Trio records out of Matthew’s own Piper Street Sound studio where such bands as DubConscious and King Rat. Mostly focused around dub projects the studio also has delved into transnational, cumbia, chicha and other unique global music styles.

Sephardim is their newest release featuring influences from cumbia, dub and the Arabic scale called the Sephardic Mode (which I recognized incorrectly as the Phrygian Natural Third scale due to it’s minor sound). The EP consists of the original track, three different versions of the original, a cumbia version and a dub version. You really must check them all out, they’re incredible.

Very beautiful work once again from Dialect Trio!

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