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Welcome back! It’s been a week! Any of you watching the Olympics? Yeah me neither. I’ve seen a lot of hype over the sponsors being Coca-Cola and McDonalds. Everyone is enraged by this (except the International Olympic Committee). I don’t care even the smallest amount you could possibly even imagine me caring would be way off the mark. I was invited to even sign a petition to ask the IOC to seek healthier sponsors for 2016’s games (‘games’ that’s the word you need to remember, these are just silly expensive games). Well I’m not signing it, not only for the reason due to my complete lack of care, but because let’s not be silly, there’s no way they won’t use sponsors that provide the most money. There’s all the advertising costs, facilities, probably ridiculous taxes, the Olympic Village accommodations to pay for and a plethora of other expenses that even if fifty health food and sports nutrition business joined forces to sponsor the Olympics wouldn’t come close to the money that Coca-Cola alone can provide. So in short get over it, who cares, sit back and enjoy a ice cold can of Coca-Cola (if they sponsored you I’m 99.9999% positive you’d take it with tears of joy and trembling hands).

Maybe I’m wrong and am just a jerk. Still who cares…

Cumbia! Let’s get going shall we.

Someone finally provides our ears of a cumbia edit of Eres Para Mi by Julieta Venegas, and that someone is Arun Ruz. He uploaded it as a video but there is a free download link just below the video on the YouTube page.

It is great to hear from Qechuaboi again. This week the digital maestro uploaded his awesome track Animal. I can hear him hard at work on the Electribe.

African, cumbia, dub forms this week in Jack Posada’s mashup of Petrona Martinez, Andres Landero and Burning Spears. It is a great tribute in cumbia dub form.

It is no surprise to find more Dengue Dengue Dengue! here. It is also no surprise that I will post their newest tracks as they come out because they are always so incredibly good. I was actually watching a few of their videos this week. They are one of my favorites and always deliver.

This is their newest release a remix of Tanya Stevens’ It’s A Pity in a Dengue Dengue Dengue! cumbia style.

I’m sure I’m not alone here citing Ennio Morricone as an influence. I was obsessed with his work on the Sergio Leone flicks. Steve Tellco created his own tribute to the Italian cinema music maestro with his interesting and beautiful take of the theme to Once Upon A Time In America.

El Mulato is one of the dopest cats out there in the nu cumbia scene. His Chulita track is a must have.

Inti Che has a couple of cool albums coming out soon that I’ll surely be covering. Cherman brought his remixing style to work on Inti Che’s Llullakuy revving it up for a rave scene.

The Mathematical Brain aka Hector Heatchcote never takes a break from mashing up videos with the latest greatest tracks in the nu cumbia scene, which he of course is not limited to. Here is his video mashup of Wancho Villa’a remix of the classic Arroz Con Coco with a break battle.

luch bermudez – arroz con coco (wancho villa remix) vs break battle from hector heathcote on Vimeo.

He didn’t stop there; he also made a video mashup of Kinky Electric Noise’s remix of Dialect Trio’s Cumbiaruss featuring Salma Hayek in a sexy scene from From Dusk Til Dawn.

Dialect Trio recently released their new Sephardim EP and I have a post about it here on Generation Bass. Head over to the link and download away. After the EP release Matthew Mansfield asked me if I would be interested in providing El Guero touch to the title track as a remix. I took the offer enthusiastically. This is what I managed to do.

I don’t think I can ever resist posting up new tracks from El Barba Dub. He’s a creative loco and I can’t ever predict what he’ll do next. Needless to say this new remix of an oldie is really interesting, really creative and all the way from beginning to end awesome.

Tu Guaina has been providing lots of art lately for Sexxy Saturday Cumbia and I’m very grateful to him. His art is incredible but so is his music. Don’t forget his music. Here I’ll to remind you!

Way slower now, the pace has come to a drunken state with a rebajada of El Retorno De La Chida. Randy Salazar JR contributes the rebajada.

Mexico and Argentina joined forces by way of Albert DJ Style and DJ Pase with this Salvadoreña remix. With crazy delays and percussion redrumming this came together beautifully.

Club De Baile CD´M returns to SSC once again with his unique mashing style. Taking on disco and cumbia at the same time is no easy feat.

Here watch this and I’ll explain after.

The music for that project was produced by DJ Galletas Calientes and it’s called Cumbia China Siderense. Both are seriously good projects but together they make a seriously brilliant project. Enjoy the free download.

A massive album was released this week by Mashup Mexico and Soberbio Music called Harta Soberbia. Snow Balderas and Albert DJ are the minds behind the promoting but the minds involved on the album consist of Enrikisimo DJ, Ablert DJ Style, Stereo Revuelta, Fake Moustache, Mr. Rodriguez, and 4:20 Music Flavor. All these crazy cats were features on Snow Balderas’s tracks. This is a crazy collection with 16 tracks in total.

The free download link for the album is here at

G-Flux and Afrodita released an awesome original video this week. The video was filmed on their trip in Cuba by students of Escuela Internacional de Cine y TV (EICTV) as their finals project. Everyone wins with this one.

Would you also like the music from the video? I can do that too! And with remixes.

Get ready for the new Kumbia Queers album Pecados Tropicales. It is coming soon. These girls are always entertaining. I’m always into their new stuff. Here is a teaser video mix of what you can expect to find on it.

Maybe some of you have seen the new video on NI’s website of Frente Cumbiero showing off how me manages to produce and perform on his Maschine. It’s a really cool video so I thought I’d share it here.

The Great White North returns to SSC with WEPA’s new incredible album. Featuring the awesome work of the usual suspects Self Evident, Gameboy Will Eede and Lido Pimienta. I interviewed WEPA last August on a special SSC post so it’s great to have them back one year later. Their new album is loaded with great originals and this time dealing a lot with Andino influences. This influence mixed with Gameboy and Self Evident’s beats and production style is a very unique experience you couldn’t possibly expect to find from anywhere else. The always beautiful voice of the beautiful Lido Pimienta appears in two remixes. One remix is by Self Evident of her song Humano and the other is by Gameboy of her song Vida. They really are truly special. Please send some love to the WEPA crew for their hard consistently good work on Beatport.

With my player I can’t seem to get the last two tracks with the Lido Pimienta remixes so click on this link to hear them!/951743

Go to Beatport.comGet These TracksAdd This Player


How one Earth did I miss this? El Mayonesa’s cumbia remix of I Fink U Freeky! Well I did and instead of just sitting here kicking myself over it I’ll post  it up to hopefully make amends for my lack of attention. Slow it down, bring in the Latin rhythms and you get this downtempo cumbia remix of Die Antwoord’s opus.

There have been many remixes of Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know. I’m sure you have all been bombarded with them even that whack radio friendly dance version plaguing our American radios (if not count yourself lucky). But the absolute best by far in my opinion is this one remixed by El Remlon and Don Juan Pachanga. This remix is really dope as hell and if you missed the download opportunity like I did just beg them for it like I did.

All right kids don’t be so bothered by the Olympic sponsorship comments at the top. I’m sure we can still be friends. I mean you can enjoy your vegetable wheat grass smoothie while I enjoy an ice cold Coca-Cola (preferably the Mexican bottled ones due to the more sugar content). Hey it’s my slow suicide and if I’m going down I’m going down with stomach cramps!


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