Ska isn’t talked about much these days, at least not in my circles. I remember the big resurgence in the mid to late 90’s and that honestly tired me out. Ska is one of those styles that seem to keep creeping back into the mainstream since it’s birth in the 50’s in Kingston by bands like the Skatalites and Derrick Morgan’s various projects. The first big resurgence was in the late 70’s and early 80’s with bands like Fishbone and the always-ridiculous Madness (I heard there was a musical theatre production recently about Madness in London). Then the annoying 90’s, for some reason it annoyed me I think due to too many suburban white kids which is somewhat racist of me I guess.

These days I’m hearing a considerable amount of ska coming from Mexico specifically. I’m hearing this due to the numerous ‘garage’ bands I’ve been seeing lately coming from there. One in particular Santa Leyenda (Soulska) came to my attention via Stereo Revuelta when he teamed up with them on one of their tracks.  At first that’s all I heard but lately they’ve been uploading new material and seemingly growing in popularity on Mexican radio in their hometown of Puebla.

I’m really digging these new tracks from them. The band consists of Dosiska Ruiz on the mic, Joss Padilla on bass, Gabriel Casartelli on guitar, Armadosk Ruiz on keys, Franco Piraño on bass and Luis Antonio Woody Luna on trombone. Their ska style uniquely combines Latino rhythms like cumbia as well as rock.

Their new album is called La Reina De Las Mentiras on Wrecords Estadode Mexico.

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