The second EP release from our dude Mosillator is out now:

Artist Mosillator
Album Title Let’s Grow Together
Genre Dubstep/Bass Music
Release Date10 AUG 2012
Description EP
Tracklist1. Perpendicular
2. You Think You Know Messy
3. Phrase
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Here’s info on his first EP again:

Filtered Forest EP is out now on Generation Bass:

Mosillator – Bolero 192 kbps – From Filtered Forest EP coming soon… by djumb

Mosillator – Filered forest -Minimix by Mosillator

The hotbed for Transnational Dubstep, Generation Bass, returns to its roots with an amazing EP by mysterious producer MOSILLATOR.

Blending organic and electronic influences into something really special, his Filtered Forrest EP takes dubstep and bass music to the next level. Beyond steady wobbles and crazy and sick bass lines, beyond hard hitting and mosh pit male energy, this is a seductive piece of work that can be enjoyed both at home and in the clubs.

MOSSILATOR wants his identity to remain unknown, to shift the focus from the maker to the actual music, but this is so powerful that it transcends any question about the background of the producer. You can pick up some middle eastern vibes in his tracks, hear some Indian sounding percussion here and there, but the general tone of the tracks touches on so many different parts of the globe that it is hard to pinpoint where these cuts could have been made. Who cares anyway, this is music that touches the very core of what Generation Bass is about: “Cool music from wherever!”

The EP opens with “After Dark”, a slow evolving track that blends lush strings and female voice samples with a sharp dubstep riddim and bass. “Bolero”, the second cut adds a heavy dose of organic bass and live played percussion to the plate, blending this with a really sick bass line that sounds like air bubbling up from the deep seas. A dose of funk is brought to the mixing desk in the third cut, “Cannibal Dance”, adding reggae wonks and a beat that could be from any of Prince’s albums in the 80’s! Lastly, kicking everything into 5th gear is the drum and bass killer “Burning Slow”, which does everything but what its title claims. Hard beats, a beautiful guitar sample and classic drum and bass build-ups give this cut a definite 90’s Metalheadz feel, but the production is so super tight and modern it can be instantly recognized as something that’s created today. The different percussion layers and breaks add an almost Indian raga feel to the cut though, without becoming too obvious. A modern day drum and bass classic? We think so!

MOSILLATOR drops four cuts that are hard to define and classify and that’s what makes them so interesting over multiple listens, both in a home and club setting. Ranging from gentle funk to hard hitting dub step and drum and bass influences, this is simply bass oriented music, to be enjoyed by any modern music lover!

Release Date14.11.2011
Tracklist1.AFTER DARK
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