The tropical heat scourging my hometown of Tilburg has me in its firm grip. Too hot to sleep, too hot to eat or even set foot outside your house and away from the fan. in this heat my mind drifts to when me and my homeboy UMB made a trip to South Africa, and hooked up with some extremely talented dudes from that great continent. It also made me revisit my KUDURO mp3 folder on my computer and blast some of that wild, energetic, loud and extremely funky stuff.

I thought about creating some NEO-KUDURO, but then again, I thought it would only water down the original. Besides that, I’m riding my disco train towards the light at the end of the tunnel and there’s no stop sign ahead! So I decided to take it one step further.

This EP for your free downloading pleasure below is constructed entirely from KUDURO samples and strechted, bent, fucked and fried samples taken from my old mp3 folder. let me take you through it track by track and be sure to snatch up the entire thing in the end? if you like of course… hahahahahahahaha!


This track actually started with a bunch of new tracks that one of my fav KUDURO warriors put online last week. DJ ZNOBIA is an extremely talented dude that can almost flip anything he gets his hands on. I just took some of his stuff, made smaller edits until I remained with that thing that sounds like a flute. that white noise break you heer used to a be some sort of cymbal I think and I added my steady dose of heavy percussion to make it work on a lower bm. I also happened to find those bottle sounds somewhere which blended well and slowed down almost sound like an orchestra hit! veryyy discoooo!


I know this is not ZOUK music of course, regard it as a tribute to that fabulous style! This cut actually started with the break and the african melody lifted from ZOUK MACHINE, one of the most prolific bands in the genre. ZOUK is one of the corner stones of KUDURO of course and I twisted the kick and snare into something otherworldly with some stretching and crushing. I like how this turned out as dark as it did, also due to the sub bass in there of course, but this sounds like a “REAL” DRVG CVLTVRE track, even if you wouldn’t know anything about the background of this EP.


The title is of course a play on words, Luanda and Lissabon, the KUDURO capitals of the world 🙂 The bassline and melody line are both very dominant. the bassline is actually the kik of Dj Znobia’s TIROU PONTO, pitched down to an almost 808 sounding thing of beauty.

the original:

The violin took me quite a while to transform into something that could play a melody, but a big dose of delay and reverb fixed it and makes it almost sound like an organ now. I like the break in the middle a lot, where the middy kik and bassline fight over 2 lines of african percussion. happy with it.

ok so here is the entire set of 3 songs, grab it RIGHT HERE!

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