Wow, we’ve come pretty late to this Artist, Ayshay aka Fatima Al Qadri.

She was interviewed in The Fader by DJ Rupture a little while back and you should check that HERE.

Here’s also the EP she released back then & here’s what Rupture said:

Genre-Specific Xperience, an upcoming EP under her own name, is elegantly scattered. Each song dissects a different style, from 1990s Gregorian chant (think Enigma) to juke, with artists such as Ryan Trecartin crafting videos for each track. Al Qadiri is fascinated by spaces where we worship: body-god gyms and spas, money-loving corporate offices, the Vatican, and all of these will appear in GSX’s videos. Out this October on Uno, GSX will appropriately kick off with a screening party at NYC’s New Museum.

This Ep does sound supa-dope to me and I would def keep an eye out for this artist cause it feels like she is gonna do some awesome stuff in the future!

Next up is a Muslim Trance mixtape she released almost 1 year ago:

Muslim Trance is a mini-mix of original tracks by Ayshay (Fatima Al Qadiri), sampling sacred Shi’ite and Sunni acapella found on the internet.

Up next, is this new mixtape that she released for Fact Mag and here’s what they say:

FACT mix 307 is subtitled Ayshay’s ‘Surrender’ mix, and is dedicated to the Fade to Mind crew (Kingdom, Mike Q, etc), Dave Quam, Azizaman and DJ Rashad and Spinn’s Ghettoteknitianz clique. That, combined with the rest of this introduction, might make you think you know what you’re getting into – traditional Muslim song, ballroom house and footwork. Trust us, that’s not even half of it.

Grab that mix from HERE

I’m a huge arabic music fan and also I love sufi music too but this sort of stuff is pretty experimental and reminds me a lot of Muslimgauze and latterly also that of Mutamassik, which means it’s pretty hard listenening and un-danceable really.

I had huge hopes for these mixtapes when I heard about them but upon first listen, I didn’t like them at all, they sounded like a mish mash of sounds with ill-timed samples over the top of various juke, moombahton & trance beats but I don’t think I was in the mood to listen to this kinda stuff on the day or maybe my expectations were different.

However, I gave them another listen and now I absolutely luv them both and they’ve been on constant rotation on my I-pod and in my Umbmobile non-stop.  She not only samples various middle eastern, persian and north african material but she also includes some delicious original tracks in the mix.  This is really great stuff and very, very unqiue and original and I really hope she continues to experiment with these kinds of sound in the same vein.  Really stand out stuff!

Some of you might really dig this.  It is definitely worth exploring.

I’m not sure how some muslim people will feel about the use of Sunni and Shiite Muslim acapella’s in this kind of music.  I must admit to using some myself during my Arabic House days about 6 years ago but mostly to non-muslim festival audiences and they use to receive rapturous applause.

The following mix/podcast is less experimental in nature and less reliant upon sampling and features heavily edited Transnational Roots tracks from all around the globe to make it sound more contemporary, with a heavy emphasis towards the Middle East and North Africa but also featuring music from Vietnam, Angola and South America.

It’s a sublime mix of sounds and the commentary is awesome, I adore this so much, brilliant stuff!

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